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Suspect in Texas charged with decapitation of owner of auto parts store

August 21, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Suspect in Texas charged with decapitation of owner of auto parts store

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A Texas man has been arrested and charged with the decapitation of an owner of an auto parts store after an overnight pursuit on Friday, say police officials.

According to the Star-Telegram, 62-year-old Raymond George Jackso Jr. has been charged in the slaying of 58-year-old Enayatolah Khursand. The victim’s decapitated body was discovered on Thursday night inside of his auto parts store. Law enforcement officials released security footage earlier in the day asking the public for help in identifying the man, who has now been recognized as Jackson.

Police are unclear on a motive for the brutal attack. ABC13’s Courtney Fischer referred the crime scene as “gruesome.” Houston police homicide investigator, Alex Vinogradov, told the KHOU Houston, that the suspect was “caught on video beating this man to his death and the decapitation of the victim.”

Information has not been released regarding where Jackson was hiding when he was finally caught on Friday.

Authorities reported that there were no signs of forced entry into the establishment, and witnesses informed police that Jackson frequented the store. Community members said that Khorsand was well liked and was not involved in anything unusual.

An officer with the Houston Police Department’s homicide division reported that no items were taken from the store, Breitbart News reported.
He added that Jackson was discovered by police from the patrol division and did not resist arrest. He is currently being questioned by homicide detectives.

Court records indicate that Jackson was previously charged with a felony aggravated assault of a family member after he pulled a knife out on his ex-wife and threatened her. However, the case was ultimately dismissed after a grand jury failed to issue an indictment.

The man also had three additional misdemeanor charges of trespassing with no forcible entry. He was found guilty in a 2013 trespassing charge and was sentenced to 6 days behind bars; he was sentenced to 3 days in prison for a 2007 trespassing charge, and ten days in jail for a trespassing charge back in 1986.

Jackson is now facing charges in the beating and beheading of Enayatolah Khursand pending an investigation.

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