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Gulf cartel smugglers fear for safety after cash bust in Texas

August 24, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Gulf cartel smugglers fear for safety after cash bust in Texas

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Federal and local authorities continue to investigate two men associated with the Gulf Cartel in Mexico Gulf who attempted to move over half a million dollars. The busted smuggling endeavor has raised concerns for the safety of the suspects involved.

Sherriff’s deputies in Corpus Christi, Texas managed to seize the cash after pulling over a 2016 Cadillac Escalade for a traffic violation. When the deputies approached the vehicle, the driver and passenger quickly appeared to be nervous, which raised the suspicions of the officers.

Law enforcement officials have identified the driver as Carlos Olvera, 28, who was not only fearful because he had an expired license, but also because he was allegedly transporting over $500,000 in cash destined for Mexico.

The driver refused to provide consent to authorities to search the car. Officials also spoke with the passenger of the car, Rolando Garza, 21 and both men gave conflicting stories about the purpose of their trip to Mexico.


Sheriff deputies in Corpus Christie discovered the drug-related cash during a routine traffic stop

Nueces County Sheriff’s Deputies brought in a K9 to walk around the vehicle, who detected the smell of cash bundles in the car, which provided authorities with probable cause to inspect the truck further and they discovered $500,000 in cash and $16,000 in their pockets.

What surprised officials, was the fact, the two did not go out of their way to conceal the money in hidden compartments, as smugglers usually do.

Danny Lobreau, Nueces County Sheriff’s Captain, said at a press conference: “They were confident that the money would arrive at their destination, they were not hidden, it was only a matter of time before the K-9 officer discovered it.”

Both suspects remain in police custody on charges of money laundering. However, Breitbart Texas reported that the case is also being investigated by special agents who specialize in the interdiction of narcotics.

Officials are examining the possibility that the two men may become targeted by Mexico’s Gulf Cartel, the criminal group that the cash belonged to. The other likelihood being investigated by law enforcement is that family of the two men could also be targeted.

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