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West Virginia Police rescue baby covered in vomit and give him a bath

August 26, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
West Virginia Police rescue baby covered in vomit and give him a bath

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Cops rescued a one-year-old baby, who was found drenched in vomit in the backseat of a DUI driver’s car. Officers provided the child with a nice bath and TLC at a police station in West Virginia on Tuesday night.

Police officials said the baby was a total mess when he was discovered in his mother’s car. After she was taken into custody, the suspect’s son was taken by police officers and was given a bath in the kitchen sink at police headquarters.

The officers then wrapped the infant in a towel and took care of him until Child Protective Services arrived.

Trooper B.R. Wood told the Bluefield Daily Telegraph: “The one-year-old baby boy was in the backseat covered in vomit, the vehicle was disabled, so we brought the baby boy back.”


The police officer didn’t even manage to find out the baby’s name because his mother was so intoxicated


Senior Trooper D.C. Graham gave the baby a bath in the sink and then held him until CPS picked him up

Wood added, “He was the best little baby. He had just started to nod off when Child Protective Services arrived.”

The baby was ill for a period of time and seemed a little “under the weather.” Police officers gave the little boy a teddy bear to keep his spirits up.

According to the Daily Mail, custody of the baby was turned over to a legal guardian and is now safely under CPS’ supervision.

The child’s mother now faces a charge of driving under the influence with a minor, which could land her up to a year behind bars with a $1,000 penalty.

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