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Ohio man jumped to his death after being sentenced to 13 years in prison for attempted murder conviction

August 27, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Ohio man jumped to his death after being sentenced to 13 years in prison for attempted murder conviction

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An Ohio man plunged to his death out of a courthouse after he was sentenced to prison on Friday for an attempted murder conviction associated with an incident when he drunkenly shot another individual in the face.

The Daily Mail reported that 42-year-old Jason Binkiewicz was sentenced to 13 years behind bars Friday morning, after which he succeeded in escaping away from the bailiff who was taking him out of a courtroom in Jefferson County.

Sheriff Fred Abdalla told WTOV in a statement” “He made a run for the banister on the third floor of the courthouse and threw himself over the banister and has been pronounced dead.”

The man jumped approximately 100 feet from the third floor of the courthouse to the first floor.

“As soon as Binkiewicz started running, Deputy Price he was on him quick enough when he reached out, he had his shirt,” Abdalla stated, before adding, “It wasn’t good enough, and if he held on to the shirt, most likely Deputy Price would have gone over with him.”

Earlier this year, Binkiewicz was convicted for an attempted murder for a shooting that took place back in November 2015. Police said that he was intoxicated when he went to the home of Ronald Horton and shot him in his jaw.

During the trial, his defense lawyers asserted that the incident arose from a drug deal gone awry, but Horton maintained that Binkiewicz shot him for no reason.

Binkiewicz told authorities that he went to Horton’s to buy heroin and crack cocaine. The victim confessed to detectives that he used drugs, but said that he never provided any and did not attempt to shoot Binkiewicz.

He contended that he opened fire on Horton because he tried to shoot him. The suspect bolted from the crime scene with a friend who was waiting for him outside.

Binkiewicz was apprehended shortly after was charged with felony assault and attempted murder, and a jury found him guilty in July.

After the day’s tragic events, Jane Hanlin, the case’s prosecutor stated: ‘I don’t think that anybody thought that this was going to happen today.”

Hanlin added: “Sometimes if we are aware something has happened in the past, or there have been those types of threats, then we are looking for that, we’re going to be taking a different action. It really is just a heart-breaking day for everybody here because they’re typically lots of people in the courthouse, there are criminal proceedings going on, a lot of activity at the courthouse.”

As the sheriff said, we are thankful that the deputy wasn’t injured, and we’re actually thankful that nobody else was hurt as he went over that railing, that he didn’t hurt or kill anybody else on the way down,” the statement continued.

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