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Authorities in several states scramble after hundreds of heroin overdose case are reported in past few days

August 27, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Authorities in several states scramble after hundreds of heroin overdose case are reported in past few days

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Authorities across multiple states are struggling to deal with a string of heroin overdose cases that have affected dozens and are responsible for at least six deaths.

The spikes in overdoses in states including Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and West Virginia over the past couple of days have seen first responders racing from scene to scene to administer antidote overdose drugs and have authorities scrambling to discover the source of the heroin overdose.

Although it is currently unclear if one drug dealer or shipment is responsible for the widespread outbreak, the overdoses reveal the potency of heroin ambushing the Midwest.

In Cincinnati, Ohio, police asked for the public’s assistance on Friday in determining the source of the heroin that was responsible for approximately 78 overdoses in two days.

Officials in counties are referring to the latest increase in overdose incidents a public health emergency. Tim Ingram, County Health Commissioner, stated that the amount of emergency room incidents occurring in less than a week was “unprecedented.”

Hospitals approximate that they had 174 suspected opioid overdose problems this week alone, including three fatalities. In 2015, unintentional drug overdoses took the lives of 3,050 people in Ohio, with an average of eight per day, according to state officials.

In 2014, an estimated 47,055 individuals died from drug overdoses in the United States, according to statistics published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In Kentucky, one person was killed after a 12 heroin overdose cases had transpired within hours of each other on Wednesday.

Conversely, in West Virginia, an Ohio man was slapped with heroin distribution charges in association with 27 drug overdoses that occurred within a few hours of each other last week, a federal prosecutor reported on Friday.

Bruce Lamar Griggs was captured after the August 15th series of overdoses centered around an apartment complex in the city of Huntington. Griggs initially appeared in an Ohio court on Thursday and will be brought to West Virginia.

In Indiana, Gary Driver, the Jennings County Sheriff, stated that a flood of overdoses on Tuesday killed one person and left 14 in the hospital.

City Manager Harry Black of Cincinnati announced that investigators suspect carfentanil, a tranquilizer used to sedate elephants, may be combined with heroin and may be responsible for the overdoses. The drug has 100 times the potency of fentanyl, which is presumed to be involved in spates of overdoses across the country.

Carfentanil was found in the Cincinnati area’s heroin stream in July. However, a majority of hospitals do not possess the equipment to test blood for it.

Hamilton County officials are seeking to fund treatment and extended response units. Each team would consist of an emergency responder, a law enforcement officer, and a specialist who could provide treatment to those who’ve overdosed, County Commissioner Dennis Deters announced.

The Addiction Services Council of Cincinnati added that the city doesn’t have enough facilities to manage the escalating amount of drug users who seek help.

“People overwhelmingly want help,” Nan Frans, council facilitator, stated. “But we have to have a place to take them.”

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