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Gulf cartel leader with ties to Texas found dead in Mexico

August 28, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Gulf cartel leader with ties to Texas found dead in Mexico

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Guf Cartel leader found dead in Mexico.

Authorities discovered the tortured remains of a Gulf Cartel boss and an associate in the state of Nuevo Leon, in Northern Mexico on Tuesday.

Law enforcement officials believe rival Gulf cartel members kidnapped, tortured and executed Gumercindo “El Aguila” Gamez Villarreal along with Teofilo Saul Rodriguez.

According to Blog Del Narco, Villarreal is believed to have led a group called ‘Los Panteras’ or the Panthers. Local authorities in Nuevo Leon responding to calls of an abandoned vehicle on a stretch of highway, in the town of General Bravo, located in the northeastern part of the state on Tuesday.

Investigators said officers discovered the bodies of both men in the trunk of the abandoned car and their bodies showed signs of torture.


Police responded to reports of an abandoned car in the town of General Bravo on Tuesday

Top Gulf Cartel boss Julian “Comandante Toro” Loisa Salinas reportedly had “El Aguila” assume control of the Ciudad Mier plaza in May for Hector Javier “La Maquina” Garcia.

Authorities suspect Gamez Villarreal’s execution appears to have been ordered by Loisa Salinas.

“El Aguila who was previously the regional commander for the Gulf Cartel in the border cities of Miguel Aleman and Diaz Ordaz spent a considerable amount of time hiding out in Texas.

Gamez Villarreal and his close associate Miguel Angel “Compa Mike” Garcia Rodriguez had fled to Texas in 2012 after infighting erupted within the Gulf Cartel.

At the time both men had been targeted for death after being accused by rival cartel members of robbing drug loads.


Authorities discovered the bodies of Gumercindo “El Aguila” Gamez Villarreal along with Teofilo Saul Rodriguez in the trunk of the abandoned vehicle.

U.S. Federal authorities came close to almost captured ‘El Aguila’, who eventually returned to Mexico. However, Garcia Rodriguez was arrested, and he subsequently pleaded guilty to drug trafficking charges. He currently remains in custody awaiting sentencing.

Meanwhile, earlier this week, officials placed schools on lockdown after heavily armed gunmen with the Gulf Cartel engaged in series of violent clashes with the Mexican military and police in the border city of Miguel Aleman.

Town officials warned residents to seek shelter indoors and to avoid certain areas after armed cartel assailants ambushed a state police convoy igniting a series of gunbattles and rolling shootouts.

The violence resulted in Four alleged gunmen killed and another ten injured in the fighting.

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