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Police: Texas man accused of decapitating wife, freezing severed head

August 28, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Police: Texas man accused of decapitating wife, freezing severed head

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A man in Central Texas has been charged with 1st-degree murder for decapitating his wife after authorities discovered the woman’s severed head in their freezer.

Police officers were dispatched to a residence after receiving complaints that a man was assaulting his wife. When authorities arrived at the scene, they came in contact with 23-year-old Davey Dauzat who was in the house with his two children and refused to come out.

Sergeant Kory Martin, a spokesman for Bellmead Police, told a local NBC affiliate: “He was still inside with the children at one point. We had a hostage negotiator who made contact with him and as soon as we made contact with him, asked him to come outside, he voluntarily came outside,” Martin said.

“We were able to get him into custody, and quickly had units run inside the home and secure those children and the crime scene,” he added.

It was the police’s second visit to Dauzat’s residence that day. Earlier, police were dispatched to the home to perform a “welfare check,” which is to ensure that everyone at the home is safe. At the time, authorities determined that everything was okay.

The attack came only a few hours later.

Law enforcement officials searched the house and discovered Natasha, his wife’s, decapitated body and severed head, which was found in the freezer.

An autopsy is being carried out to determine Natasha’s cause of death. Dauzat has been charged with murder and is in custody on $500,000 bond.

When Dauzat came out of his house, authorities saw him covered in blood. The Bellmead police officers immediately went inside and removed the one- and two-year-old children from the home. They were unharmed.

The children are in the custody of a crime victim liaison until appropriate arrangements can be made.

“It’s a scary thought living in a house that I own and right next door there’s a killing. Never been anything like this,” said neighbor James Lee.

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