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Famous Colombian astrologer Rodrigo Rodriguez executed in Mexico

September 1, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Famous Colombian astrologer Rodrigo Rodriguez executed in Mexico

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Mexican authorities discovered famous Colombian-born astrologer,Rodrigo Rodriguez, dead with a bullet wound to the head on Saturday in his office bathroom where he often met with his clients, officials said in a statement.

Rodriguez, who was well-known for being one of the only psychics to have foretold the unexpected passing of Michael Jackson, was residing in Cancún, Mexico at the time of his death.

Business owners in the surrounding area called authorities to complain about a strong odor coming from Rodriguez’s office.

Law enforcement officials said police found him laying face-down, lifeless, and in an advanced stage of decomposition.

According to Fox News Latino, the victim was reportedly shot execution-style. Investigators said Rodrigo Rodriguez had suffered a gunshot wound to the back of the neck.The bullet had exited the front of his head.

Rodriguez was also referred to as “El Brujo de las Estrellas” or the “Wizard of the Stars.” He is a native of Piedecuesta, Colombia, and became widely recognized for reading the astrological charts of various Mexican and Colombian celebrities.

Rodriguez made numerous appearances on Univision shows such as “Sabadazo” and “Primera.”

He was scheduled to travel to Madrid in October to read the charts of Spain’s royal family.

In an interview with El Espectador Newspaper, Rodriguez said, “This is a big step for my career, and I feel happy.”

Rodriguez is not the first Colombian star to be murdered in Mexico this month. In early August, the naked remains of Colombian model, 23- year-old Stephanie Magón Ramírez were found on a Mexico City street.

The model had just relocated to Mexico to pursue a six-month contract, leaving behind her 4-year-old son and husband in Colombia.

The Daily Mail reported that a local judge verified that Magón Ramírez’s body had been severely beaten.

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