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Mommy blogger Lacey Spears complaining about being bullied in prison

September 1, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Mommy blogger Lacey Spears complaining about being bullied in prison

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Notorious “Mommy Blogger” Lacey Spears, the Westchester, New York woman who is serving a 20 to life prison sentence for fatally poisoning her 5-year-old son, is whining about being bullied by fellow inmates.

Over a year after Lacey Spears began serving her 20 to life prison sentence for her role in the disturbing case, the 28-year-old mom complained about her difficulties in prison, according to Radar Online.

Spears told John Glatt, who is writing an upcoming book titled ‘My Sweet Angel’: “It’s been brutal here. Crimes involving children are considered the worst here.”

“I hear them talking behind my back, calling me a baby killer, child killer, and mother of the year. But I know it’s not who I am,” Spears added.

According to the New York Post, her sister also told Glatt that angry inmates have also been depositing salt on her food.

“When she walked through the line, and it would be her turn to pick up the tray [somebody] would put salt packets over her meal and then hand the tray to her,” Rebecca Spears said.

In March 2015, Spears was convicted of murder after she slowly poisoned her son Garett with fatal doses of salt as she continuously blogged, in a twisted plead for sympathy, that he was severely sick from natural circumstances.

The heartless mother reportedly force-fed salt to her son through a feeding tube in the bathroom of a hospital in Rockland County, New York, where doctors treated him for seizures. The blue-eyed child, who suffered swelling of the brain, passed away in January 2014.

The judge did not inflict the maximum 25 years to life because he believed Lacey Spears suffered from Munchausen by proxy syndrome, a mental disorder in which caretakers intentionally harm their children to accumulate pity and attention.

Despite her complaints, Spears stated that she did not want to be transferred to protective custody because she didn’t want to sit in a cell by herself for 23 hours a day.

“It’s been very hard, adjusting to being here,” Spears stated. “You always have to look behind your back, and I don’t trust anyone. I don’t have any friends, but I have people to talk to.”

The young woman, who was an Alabama native, was living with her son in the Rockland County village of Chestnut Ridge when the little boy died. She relocated to Kentucky after his death and was residing there when she was apprehended.

Her legal team had refused to use her alleged mental disorder as a defense, and both sides agreed not to introduce it at her trial.

Spears still maintains that she is innocent.

“I didn’t hurt him. I never poisoned him with salt,” she said in an interview with CBS News’ “48 Hours” in early 2016.

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