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President Obama commutes life sentence of infamous New Orleans drug lord Danielle Bernard Metz

September 2, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
President Obama commutes life sentence of infamous New Orleans drug lord Danielle Bernard Metz

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Of the 111 convicted drug offenders who had prison sentences commuted by President Obama; two are from the New Orleans area with one of them being 49-year-old Danielle Bernard Metz an infamous drug lord who at one time ran the city’s cocaine trade.

According to the Advocate, sentenced to life behind bars over twenty years ago for conspiring to possess with intent to distribute cocaine, along with helping to lead a criminal operation, possession with intent to distribute cocaine hydrochloride; and money laundering.

When Metz and her husband Glenn both were convicted back in 1993 at the same trial along with other group members of the “Metz Drug Gang,” the couple was controlling the cocaine trade in numerous housing complexes across New Orleans.

At the time, prosecutors stated that over 300 pounds of cocaine were sold by the group, and Danielle Metz was only 25-years-old at the top of her criminal enterprise.

Danielle Bernard Metz is currently serving her life sentence at FCI Dublin in California. However thanks to the President’s actions, her sentenced will now be reduced.

Barbara Mae Bernard, the woman’s mother, begged for her daughter’s release in a blog post, “Danielle Bernard Metz, A Prisoner of the U.S. Drug War” that she wrote back in 2011. Part of the post read that the woman “is a wonderful daughter and a beautiful mother.”

“I have traveled for 18 years twice a year, in June her birthday month and December for Christmas, to visit her in Dublin CA,” the mother wrote. “I haven’t been with my family for Christmas since Danielle’s incarceration. However, that is just one of the many sacrifices mothers make when their children are in prison.”

Obama commuted 214 prison sentences earlier this month, making it the largest number of commutations in one day by any president in United States history.

The total number of drug offenders pardoned by Obama has now hit 673.

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