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Authorities bust major narcotics trafficking operation, arrest 11 in Oklahoma

September 3, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Authorities bust major narcotics trafficking operation, arrest 11 in Oklahoma

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Narcotics bust in Oklahoma

Oklahoma authorities announced the takedown of a major narcotics trafficking operation, arresting several people during an operation on Thursday.

Officers with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics, along with federal agents, executed arrest warrants for what officials described as 11 influential members of a heroin and methamphetamine trafficking organization, Fox25 reported.

According to court documents, the suspects’ arrests stemmed from a joint investigation, which began in April involving local and federal law enforcement agencies and included the intercepts of phone conversations.

Law enforcement officials determined investigators had gathered enough evidence to issue arrest warrants for the suspected members of the illicit drug ring responsible for supplying thousands of people with narcotics across the metro area, OBN spokesperson Mark Woodward said in a statement made on Thursday.

“It shows why wiretaps can be a critical tool in shutting down some of these organizations that are using those cell phones to order kilos on a nightly basis,” added Woodward.

“You’re not just talking about affecting 11 people here. You’re talking about potentially hundreds if not thousands of street dealers who were counting on smaller portions of those kilos and ultimately users who were counting on it,” Woodward said.

“These arrests can disrupt and dismantle an entire organization when you target the right people,” he continued.

He added, “These are individuals who can dump more than a kilo of methamphetamine or more than a pound of heroin with one phone call.”

Fox25 in Oklahoma City reported officers had taken six of the suspects into custody including Harold Miller, Regina Delacruz, William Smith, Callie Roberts, Shelby Beene, and Christie Johnston.

Officials said five additional suspects remain at large and are considered fugitives from justice, they include: Merle Cole, Dorothea Noak, Kayla Cawood, Chrystal McCoy, and Christian Meador.

Police have asked the public’s help to locate the whereabouts of the individuals mentioned above.

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