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Teen escort at the center of police sex scandal arrested in Florida

September 3, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Teen escort at the center of police sex scandal arrested in Florida

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The teen sex worker at the center of the California police sex scandal has been arrested at a Florida rehab center.

Celeste Guap, 19, informed reporters earlier this year that she had sexual relationships with dozens of officers from Bay Area police departments, including three while she was still a minor.

Guap, who is the daughter of an Oakland police dispatcher, said that she was informed about prostitution raids beforehand that could have resulted in her arrest.

Inquiries into officers’ behavior and the way that their superiors managed internal investigations ultimately led to Oakland Police going through four chiefs in just over a week.

According to the Daily  Mail, Guap entered rehab for sex addiction and substance abuse last week but was arrested on Monday for battery after a violent episode.

A police report indicated that the girl ran out of the rehab center, ripped her clothes off, and started to flash people on the street. Once she went back inside of the facility, she jumped on one security guard and bit another on his arm.

Documents also claim that Guap attempted to “solicit sex” from the cops who arrested her.

Her family told KRON that the disturbance came because she was not allowed to contact them and that her apprehension could be a way for police officers to get revenge on the young woman.

She had previously told KRON that Richmond, a city north of Oakland that had officers implicated in the scandal, was funding her treatment in Florida.

What started as a sex scandal with the Oakland Police Department had extended to other law enforcement agencies, with six other offices affected and a San Francisco cop accused of having sex with Guap while she was still underage.

The woman said that one cop who had sex with her when she was 17-year-old committed suicide in September 2015, after he didn’t answer her texts and she proceeded to send a message about their relationship to one of his bosses.

County jail records show  Guap remains in custody on $300,000 bail.

Sarai Smith-Mazariegos, who helps sex trafficking survivors in Oakland, told KGO that “It’s not that she’s a bad person or she’s horrible. It’s the fact that she’s dealing with a lot of trauma. She doesn’t even understand her own victimization.”

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