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Two California prison officers shot by convicted rapist

September 5, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Two California prison officers shot by convicted rapist

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Two unarmed California prison officers remain in critical condition after getting shot in the neck and head on Saturday.

Toamalama Scanlan, a ten-year veteran of the force, a high school football coach and father-of-six was shot along with Juanita Davila, a grandmother who was employed at the Fresno County jail for just under 20 years.

Law enforcement officials reported the two were shot by Thong Vang, a 37-year-old convicted child rapist with a violent history, who said he was visiting someone at the jail before he began shooting.

Vang entered the jail at approximately 8:30 am before making his way to the front of the visitor line and then started pacing back and forth.

When Davila and Scanlan attempted to get him to sit down he pulled out his firearm and began shooting, striking both victims several times, the Fresno Bee reported.

Around 15 people including young children who were in the visiting area fled in a panic as the suspect open fire.

Officers from the secure section of the jail ran to assist the wounded officers and exchanged gunfire with the suspect, according to police.

At one point, Vang was hit with a stun gun but did not stop, and fled into another area of the jail.

It wasn’t until Vang was faced with sheriff’s deputies and a Fresno police officer that he turned himself in, claiming that he intended to get himself arrested.

Paramedics rushed Scanlan and Davila to the hospital where both underwent emergency surgery and remain listed in critical condition.

Doctors also treated Vang at a nearby hospital for minor injuries. He now faces multiple felony counts.

Fresno police officials say  officers in the visitor center are normally unarmed, while cops in the secure area of the jail carry firearms.

Vang was discharged from prison in 2014 after serving 16 years for raping three children that ranged in ages from 12 to 14-years-old. Police said the shooting was his first offense since his release.

Authorities charged Vang back in 1998 for his role in a Mongolian Boys Society sex-slave ring at a local Motel 6.

He subsequently pled guilty in return for a 19-year prison term.

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