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Texas teen Gabrielle Pagliarulo, missing daughter of talk radio host found safely near border

September 6, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Texas teen Gabrielle Pagliarulo, missing daughter of talk radio host found safely near border

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Gabrielle Pagliarulo, the 16-year-old teen, who went missing for three days, has been safely found to the relief of her dad, and a host of a radio talk show after he issued a public plea on air to help find her.

On Saturday, the Texas native was discovered more than 1,200 miles away in San Diego, California with 29-year-old Christopher Lee Fretwell, who was taken into custody for unlawful restraint, according to police.

The girl’s dad, Joe “Pags” Pagliarulo, a nationally syndicated talk radio host, displayed his gratitude after he had announced she was found near the Mexican border.

The parents of Gabrielle Pagliarulo reported her missing on Wednesday. She was last seen with the man in a 2011 Toyota Camry on Arizona’s Interstate 40, the Daily Mail reported.

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Joe, who is a broadcaster on WOAI in San Antonio and KPRC in Houston, expressed his concerns on the air on Friday, urging people to keep their eyes open for his daughter.

He also wrote a Facebook post that stated: “WE NEED her home. Gabby, we love you and miss you so much baby. Come home now.”

Law enforcement officials initially speculated Gabrielle Pagliarulo, would be heading to California, and was discovered safe in San Diego after three days.

Fretwell was arrested on charges of unlawful restraint because he took a minor out of the state of Texas without her parent’s consent, according to Tommy Ward, the Comal County Sheriff.

Gabby and Fretwell reportedly worked with each other, though it is unclear why they traveled to California.

Joe went back on the air on Saturday morning to update his listeners: ‘I’ve got an amazing update- It’s been a very long night, but my daughter Gabby has been found.

“It’s the joy of a father that I can’t really truly express. But I want to thank every single person- millions and millions of people saw this… Millions of you made phone calls and researched [Fretwell] on social media and called his friends, or former friends, or anyone who had ever known him,” he continued.

He ended his statement by saying:: “I think social media is a scary place sometimes, but I truly believe because of this resource, we will be able to have our daughter back.”

Gabby was brought to a hospital for an examination, but her father said she was safe before adding he was going to California to get her.

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