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Arizona Yoga instructor accused of flashing boys a bar mitzvah claims her drink was spiked with date rape drug GHB

September 7, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Arizona Yoga instructor accused of flashing boys a bar mitzvah claims her drink was spiked with date rape drug GHB

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An Arizona yoga instructor who became so intoxicated she decided to give a group of boys at a bar mitzvah the surprise of their lives by flashing her brand new pair of breasts, now claims someone spiked her drink with GHB, otherwise known as the date rape drug.

The defense lawyers for Lindsey Ann Radomski who is currently on trial said her alleged drugging was the reason she can’t remember the events of that night, according to KPNX.

Police arrested the 33-year-old last spring at the bar mitzvah in Scottsdale after she allowed seven boys to grab and even lick her new breasts.

Additionally, the Yoga teacher also allegedly performed oral sex on one of the underaged teens, who at the time was 15-years-old.

When the trial resumed on Tuesday, Radomski’s high-profile attorneysJocquese Blackwell and Mel McDonald, who also represents Sherif Joe Arpaio in his criminal contempt case, questioned their client on the stand.

The lawyers alleged that an 18-year-old teen, who attended the party, intentionally drugged Radomski, KPNX reported.

Blackwell even went as far as to label his client as the victim, claiming she was raped by the boys.

Prosecutors slammed the allegations during cross-examination and instead sought to brand Radomski as a cheap barfly, who decided to change her version of events only after coming to the realization she would face charges.

The prosecution grilled Radomski and the claims made by her attorney, who for months cited independent test results proving she had traces of the date rape drug GHB in her bloodstream.

However, prosecutors cited new test results, which showed the GHB levels in Radomski’s system were no higher than would naturally occur in an average person’s body.

The trial should wrap up sometime next week.

If Radomski is found guilty, she could face a penalty of over six months in jail, along significant fines and a three-year probationary period.

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