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Alert bank teller in Phoenix notifies police about kidnapping victim

September 7, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Alert bank teller in Phoenix notifies police about kidnapping victim

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A quick-thinking bank teller in Phoenix noticed a kidnapping victim withdrawing a significant amount of cash and called authorities, saving the woman from her alleged abductors.

Court records indicate that on August 26th, an obviously distraught woman walked into a Bank of America branch and tried to take out $19,000 without a debit card. The teller “went to check if she could do that,” but instead called the police.

According to a police report, 22-year-old Alonzo Daniel Cabrera, who was with the victim in the bank at the time, was arrested.

The victim told law enforcement officials that she was abducted just after midnight that morning as she was on her way to her boyfriend’s apartment complex.

She also informed investigators that she was boxed in and kidnapped by six unidentified men who were carrying rifles and handguns. She stated that one of the armed men wrapped her head with a shirt as she was taken to a residence where her captors told her that they had been patrolling her for months and threatened her family if she didn’t cough up her money, according to Crime News Daily.

Investigators said the suspects order the kidnapping victim to withdraw cash and give it to them, but she told them that she didn’t have her debit card. The criminals then directed the woman to cash three checks at the bank, that yielded a total amount of $38,000.

The men took her to one bank, and she went in with Cabrera, but the bank teller said that she couldn’t cash a check without a bank card. She was then brought to another bank with Cabrera, who posed as her nephew. This time, the bank teller called the police, who soon arrested Cabrera.

The suspect has been officially charged with kidnapping. However, the victim’s vehicle and Cabrera’s associates have not yet been found.

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