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Florida woman facing arson charges after setting fire to car she thought was ex-boyfriends

September 7, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Florida woman facing arson charges after setting fire to car she thought was ex-boyfriends

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Florida woman facing arson charges after igniting car she thought was her ex-boyfriends

Florida Police believed a woman, who faces arson charges, sought revenge on her ex-boyfriend when she decided to set fire to his car. The only problem is the car belonged to somebody else.

On Saturday morning police picked up 19-year-old Carmen Chamblee from Clearwater, Fla. for second-degree arson charges after video captured her intentionally setting fire to a Honda on fire last month.

According to ABC Action News, the petit pyro told cops she thought the vehicle belonged to her ex-boyfriend. However, Thomas Jennings, the real owner of the vehicle had no idea who she was and said he has never seen her before.




Authorities believe Chamblee is the woman caught on security camera footage igniting the blaze in the back of the Honda.

Detectives discovered a rag placed in the gas tank used to set the vehicle on fire.

Jennings’ and his roommate ran out with a pot of water to try to extinguish the fire. However, he told ABC Action News the fire was ‘too much.’

Cops booked Chamblee into the custody of the Pinellas County Jail on Saturday.

It wouldn’t be the only time a woman scorned resorted to setting a fire as a tool for revenge in the state of Florida. Jacksonville resident Melanie Cross set a man’s car ablaze after he refused to buy her a McFlurry.

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