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Pregnant woman among three innocent bystanders shot as cartel violence escalates on the border

September 10, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Pregnant woman among three innocent bystanders shot as cartel violence escalates on the border

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Cartel violence in Matamoros, Tamauliapas, Mexico

Drug cartel violence has steadily escalated on the Texas border, as heavily armed organized criminal groups and the Mexican military have engaged in fierce gun battles on a daily basis.

The latest incident occurred in the border city of Matamoros, Tamaulipas, located just across from Brownsville, Texas, which is a known stronghold of the Gulf Drug Cartel.

Authorities reported two gunmen were killed and three innocent civilians including a pregnant woman were wounded after several gun battles once again erupted between the military and cartel operatives on Tuesday.


A pregnant woman was shot in the leg during shootout between military forces and cartel gunmen in northern Mexico

Tamaulipas Government officials said the shootouts took place in various parts of the city including in the Playa Sol neighborhood, near one of the international bridges connecting to Brownsville, Texas after a military and state police patrol engaged a cartel convoy of SUVs.

The firefight quickly transformed into a series of wild rolling shootouts. Officials said a pregnant woman was shot at a nearby shopping center.

The victim was taken to a local hospital and is listed in stable condition with a gunshot wound to the leg.

A short time later, an exchange of automatic gunfire resulted in another innocent bystander being shot and remains in stable condition.

Just moments later a third person fell victim to the cartel violence after a 28-year-old woman was struck in the face by a bullet. Doctors at a local area hospital listed the woman in critical condition.


A Gulf cartel gunman was shot dead during an intense shootout on Tuesday


Firefight quickly turned into a rolling shootout through the streets of Matamoros

Soldiers also engaged a group of gunmen near the Del Carmen neighborhood killing two of the suspects who were traveling in a sand colored minivan, Breitbart Texas reported.

Armed confrontations between the authorities and organized criminal groups have escalated in recent months throughout the state of Tamaulipas, including the cities of Matamoros, Reynosa, Nuevo Laredo, and Miguel Aleman.

In an attempt to defend their territories from rivals, cartel gunmen have resorted to riding in convoys out in the open, resulting in the increased number of violent confrontations with Mexican government forces.

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