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Mexican officials order the arrest of officer threatened by leader of New Generation Jalisco Cartel

September 11, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Mexican officials order the arrest of officer threatened by leader of New Generation Jalisco Cartel

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Law enforcement officials in Mexico have ordered the police commander who was threatened in a purported phone conversation by Nemesio Oceguera Cervantes, alias “El Mencho” leader of the New Generation Jalisco Cartel,  removed from his position and arrested.

As reported by JammedUp News, an audio recording of a phone conversation authenticated by Mexican media outlets surfaced, which the leader of the New Generation Jalisco Cartel is purportedly heard unleashing a tirade of threats against a Jalisco police commander.

According to Proceso, the National Security Commission (CNS), ordered the arrest of the officer heard on the audio but would not disclose the identity of Jalisco official.

During the conversation, Mexico’s  most wanted drug lord orders the apparently subservient Jalisco law enforcement official to relax his subordinates and tell them to back off, a clear illustration of how much power criminal organizations in the country wield, and the level of corruption that has infiltrated policing agencies especially at a local level.

Below is a transcript of the two-and-a-half minute phone call between the New Generation Jalisco Cartel and police official translated by Insight Crime

El Mencho (M): Delta one

Police Commander (P): Who’s speaking?

M: Look here you son of a bitch, this is Mencho, man.

P: What?

M: Get your fucking people to relax. This is Mencho, man. Get your damn men to lay off or I am going to screw you and your mother and your whole pack of dogs. I have 30 of you identified. I’m even going to kill your damn dogs if you don’t back off. What do you think of that?

P: You’ve got it sir. I will tell them to stand down right away.

M: No, no, no. Don’t hang up you dick. I know where you are. We are in Chapala, man.

P: I’m not hanging up. I’m telling you that I will call them off right now.

M: Get busy man. … I’m not just messing around with you for the fun of it.

P: No, sir. I will call them off right now.

M: We’ll get rid of all of you. All of you sons of bitches, because all of you are taking money. You are a bag of pigs.

P: Yes, that is what I’ve been hearing…

M: Are you coming for me, you will be the first one to go León.

P: No, sir.

M: You sure?

P: No, sir, it’s not that.

M: Calm the fuck down … You already know there’s no money.

P: No, sir. It.’s not about that. Right now…

M: Alright, if you want half, make up your mind to be a good friend you jerk. If not, screw your mother.

P: No, I know sir.

M: I’ve had it up to here with you guys not getting it, you nut.

P: Sir, you know me.

M: That is why I can’t figure it out, man. I get you, man. I know you have your people, the family and shit. But asshole, you’d better get on this.

P: I know it, sir.

M: Don’t turn off the damn telephone. I am going to check up on you, man, to see if they calmed the fuck down.

P: Right now, I am going to…

M: All of them. All of them in general, man.  Please, calm them the fuck down.

P: I am going to call you from another number, to the phone you are calling me on.

M: No, don’t call this one again. I will call you when I can.

P: Alright then.

M: But don’t turn it off, or I will interpret that as negativity.

P: No, sir. Right now I will send you a message from another number.

M: Alright then. They need to calm the fuck down.

P: Yes sir. You know me and you know there is respect.

M: Yeah, same here. From here to there also. Sorry about the bad language.

P: It’s just that here, the boys are the ones that are there.

M: Alright then. I leave it up to you. Let’s calm them all down over there, and tell them that I said so.

P: Of course, sir.

M: That’s all.

Audio of the phone conversations the New Generation Jalisco Cartel leader issuing threats against a local police commander.

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