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Two police officials executed in Mexican state of Jalisco

September 12, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Two police officials executed in Mexican state of Jalisco

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GUADALAJARA, Mexico–Law enforcement officials have confirmed the executions of two police officers in the state of Jalisco during an attack that occurred early Sunday morning.

The assassinations of the two local police officials including a deputy police chief come in the wake of a recently surfaced audio recording of a phone conversations, in which the leader of the ruthless Jalisco New Generation drug cartel (CJNG) is heard making a series of threatening demands to a local police commander in the municipality of Chapala.

Authorities said six gunmen armed with high-powered rifles stormed the headquarters of the municipal police in Talpa de Allende in the western part of Jalisco, killing Damián Díaz Peña, a deputy chief of police on Sunday.

According to Proceso, police eventually repelled the attack, but the perpetrators still managed to escape in an SUV.

Before the attack on police headquarters, state authorities discovered a body belonging to a member of the Single Regional Police Force while they were patrolling the Cocula-Tecolotlán highway in the municipality of Cocula.

Officials said police found the remains officer Moisés Fletes López in the trunk of a deserted truck on the side of the highway.

As JammedUp previously reported, an audio recording of a purported phone conversation between Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, known as “El Mencho,” leader of the CJNG and a presumed police commander with the Single Regional Force in Chapala surfaced last week.

Mexico’s National Security Commission have since authenticated the recording, which was obtained by Proceso Magazine.

During the phone conversation, a clearly enraged ‘El Mencho’ is overheard launching into an expletive-laced tirade as he threatened a clearly shaken police commander to have his subordinates back off or face dire consequences.

“Get your damn men to lay off or I am going to screw your mother and your whole pack of dogs,” Oseguera Cervantes says.

“You’ve got it, sir, I will tell them to stand down right away,” the police commander replied.

Officials gave no indication when the conversation may have taken place. However, Mexican authorities have confirmed the arrest of the police official overheard on the taped conversation.

The CJNG originally started out as an armed wing of the Sinaloa Cartel and have rapidly grown to become one of the two most powerful organized criminal groups operating in Mexico with a significant presence in 12 states.

Top security experts earlier this year forewarned that local authorities ran the risk of losing complete control of some areas of Jalisco after a wave of targeted attacks against members of law enforcement.

According to Vice News, a team of armed sicarios sprayed a police patrol car with bullets on February 24th, killing three municipal police officers on a busy roadway in Tlaquepaque, a well-known tourist district in the Jalisco state capital of Guadalajara.

Five days later gunmen executed a married couple, both of whom were off-duty state police officers as they sat in their car in Guadalajara. The couple’s infant baby daughter, who at the time was in the back seat, managed to escape the attack with only minor injuries.

The following day, armed sicarios made a failed attempt to assassinate the mayor of Ahualulco, a small town located west of Guadalajara after opening fire on his bulletproof vehicle and also shot up the local police headquarters causing only material damage.

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