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Wife of jailed Beltran Leyva boss sought revive husband’s old cartel

September 14, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Wife of jailed Beltran Leyva boss sought revive husband’s old cartel

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The wife of Hector Beltrán Leyva, also known as ‘El H’ — the jailed cartel leader of the Beltran Leyva Organization (BLO), sought to revive the criminal organization her husband once led.

As JammedUp News previously reported, Mexican authorities arrested Clara Elena Laborín Archuleta, also known as ‘La Señora’ or ‘The Lady,’ in the northern city of Hermosillo, located in the strife-ridden state of Guerrero on Monday.

In a released statement, federal law enforcement officials in Mexico said that Laborín Archuleta was reportedly orchestrating a violent foray into the resort city of Acapulco, the one-time stronghold of the BLO, at the time of her arrest.

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Clara Elena Laborín Archuleta sought to reestablish the cartel once led by her jailed husband Hector Beltran Leyva pictured above

Over the past 12 months, dozens of “narco mantas” or public messages signed by La Señora have appeared around Acapulco, where the spiraling murder rate has transformed the city into Mexico’s most dangerous municipality.

According to Vice News, information provided by a source associated with the Independent Cartel of Acapulco, which has controlled large portions of the municipality in recent years, indicated the effort to regain control by La Señora had support from the upstart New Generation Jalisco Cartel (CJNG), and its ruthless leader Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes also known as ‘El Mencho.’

The source said the ongoing turf war erupted after Laborín Archuleta attempted a failed negotiation to take over the territory during a visit to Acapulco, who arrived with a bodyguard contingent of CJNG sicarios known as Los Rusos.

Federal Police arrested Laborín Archuleta with two kilos of cocaine and weapons along with an alleged BLO financial operator Alan Contreas Paez, alias ‘El Cha.’

Alfredo Beltran Leyva alias 'El Mochomo' after jis arrest in 2008

Alfredo Beltran Leyva alias ‘El Mochomo’ after his arrest in 2008

La Senora’s arrest comes two years after her husband’s capture at a seafood restaurant in the tourist town of San Miguel de Allende, which many had considered the final blow to Mexico’s ‘Narco Dynasty.’

‘El H,’ along with his three brothers Alfredo, Arturo, and Carlos belong to the generation of old school narcos from the state of Sinaloa that rose to the pinnacle of the Mexican drug trade during the 1980s. As a faction of the Sinaloa Federation led by their cousin, the legendary drug lord Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán, the BLO controlled numerous drug trafficking routes into the United States.

However, the two groups would split in 2008, after the brothers blamed Guzman for providing authorities information that led to the arrest of Alfredo, igniting a brutal turf war, which eventually resulted in the execution of one of El Chapo’s sons.

Mexican Marines killed Arturo Beltran Leyva, the BLO’s top leader during a raging gunbattle in December 2009, just days after authorities arrested Carlos.

The loss of leadership precipitated a fracture within the BLO and was on the decline at the time of El H’s 2014 capture.

La Barbie fled Nuevo Laredo to work for Joaquin Guzman's (l) associate Arturo Beltran-Leyva (r)

The BLO led by Arturo Beltran-Leyva (r) once worked a powerful faction of the Sinaloa Federation Cartel led by Mexican drug lord Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman (pictured left)

Over the past year, rumors of a resurgence of the Beltran Leyva organization began to gain steam, especially after El Chapo’s apprehension on January 8th.

As Guzman awaits extradition in prison, some of the younger family members of the Beltrán Leyvas reportedly launched revenge attacks back in June on territories controlled by El Chapo’s Sinaloa organization.

Alfredo Beltran Guzman, the eldest son of Alfredo, is alleged to have orchestrated an assault , sending dozens of gunmen to storm the village of La Tuna, the hometown where El Chapo along with the Beltrán Leyva brothers grew up, killing eight people and even ransacking the home of Guzman’s elderly mother.

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