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15 people kidnapped in northern Mexico after passenger bus is hijacked on the border

September 15, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
15 people kidnapped in northern Mexico after passenger bus is hijacked on the border

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Authorities in Mexico reported that 15 people traveling on a passenger bus were kidnapped in the border state of Tamaulipas.

According to Coahuila government officials, the bus had just departed from Coahuila to Tamaulipas when cartel gunmen hijacked and kidnapped the 15 passengers.

Law enforcement officials said the fate of the abductees remains unknown and have not disclosed in what city the kidnappings occurred.

However, local reports indicate the bus had just left Nuevo Laredo when the armed perpetrators ordered the bus to stop near the town of Nueva Ciudad Guerrero, Tamaulipas and began breaking windows when the driver first refused.

Once the driver brought the passenger to a stop, the assailants ordered the 15 passengers off the vehicle before threatening the driver’s life.

La Prensa reported, as the bus pulled into a checkpoint in Coahuila, police immediately noticed the damaged to the vehicle and questioned the driver.

“It was a bus passenger that was the subject of the aggression in a neighboring state,” Coahuila Secretary of State Victor Zamora said in an interview.

“The bus was stopped by gunmen in trucks and had 15 passengers get down before the driver was able to close the door and come to our installations where they requested help,” Zamora added.

According to Zamora, when authorities asked the driver to lodge an official complaint, he refused out of fear of reprisals.

Business leaders recently issued warnings regarding the deteriorating security situation along the highways in Northern Mexico.

A travel alert that was issued last week by the National Chamber of Commerce in Matamoros (CANACO) warned of an increase in criminal activity targeting innocent commuters and tourists.

“Traveling from the border to the state capital has become a joke due to the constant robberies and even kidnappings…. These situations are sometimes not reported due to the lack of trust in Mexican authorities and the pressure by criminals who threaten people into remaining silent,” Cristian Perez Cossio the local director of (CANACO) in Matamoros during an announcement.

Due to a complete lack of vigilance and patrolling on the part of Mexican law enforcement has enabled cartels to control vast stretches of roadway along various highways in Tamaulipas allowing them to operate virtually unimpeded.

A travel advisory was declared in April by the U.S. State Department and remained in effect advising all American citizens to avoid all non-essential travel to the state, as a result of the escalating violence and threat posed by organized criminal groups.

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