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Massachussets mom pleads guilty to the sexual assault of twin brothers

September 15, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Massachussets mom pleads guilty to the sexual assault of twin brothers

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A Massachusetts mom has pleaded guilty to the sexual assault of two twin brothers, one of whom was her daughter’s 15-year-old boyfriend.

According to the Boston Herald, 40-year-old Heather Salines was sentenced to four years behind bars and three years’ probation on Monday after she pleaded guilty to two counts of child rape, two counts of distribution of explicit matter to minors, two counts of child enticement, and one count of indecent sexual assault and battery.

As part of the penalty phase, the woman was forbidden from having unsupervised contact with anyone under the age of 16, and when she is released from prison, she will be ordered to register as a sex offender and wear a GPS ankle tracking device.

During the hearing, District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett called Salines’ behavior towards the two boys “beyond despicable” and denounced her for taking advantage of her role as a trusted, responsible adult and betraying that confidence in a shameful way, the Boston Herald reported.

Salines was apprehended back in March 2014 when administrators at Belmonte Middle School found out that her daughter’s then boyfriend was passing around nude photos of the woman to classmates.


Salines, seen here being cuffed in court, was sentenced to four years in prison for having sex with the teenage siblings in 2014

The boy informed investigators that he had sex with Salines and that they had traded sexually explicit photos.

She was later interviewed by police and confessed that they had sexual relations on multiple occasions.

Salines has two children and was involved in a marriage that has since ended.

The mom of two said she had met the boy two months before becoming sexually involved, and he had confided in her about the personal issues he went through after “he lost his mother at a young age.”

“When I looked at him, he did not act like a 15-year-old… he acted like a grown man,” she stated, telling investigators that things “spiraled out of control.”

They first had sex in a car, and the teen booked a room at a DoubleTree hotel two days later, due to the possibility that her daughter could walk in on them when they were at her home.

Salines was in the process of accepting a plea back in June 2015 when the boy’s twin brother also accused her of sexual assault.

Court papers indicate that Salines abused the twin boy at her house in February 2014.

When she was arrested and charged with the sexual assault of the first brother, prosecutors maintained the teen was “vulnerable” because his mother had died and he began seeing Salines as a “mother figure.”

Salines allegedly propositioned the boy, who 14 years old at the time, in her bathroom while he was at their home. Law enforcement officials said she summoned him to her bedroom, took off her clothes, and began to kiss and grope him. She then reportedly requested to give him oral sex several times.


Heather Salines’ attorney described the plea deal as ‘the best possible solution’ and said his client ‘feels terrible’ about what happened

She soon began sending the teen texts, including a picture in which she modeled with his name written on various parts of her body.

Just one month later, police say that the woman moved on to the teen’s brother, who recently turned 15, and started to send him nude pictures, including the same type of selfie that the first brother received.

At the DoubleTree hotel, the victim and Salines took a picture while in bed together, according to the Eagle-Tribune. That photo ultimately ended up in possession of the administration at Belmonte Middle School.

On Monday, the prosecutor read a victim impact statement to the court which said the second brother, who had been the on and off boyfriend of the woman’s daughter, declared he experienced severe depression and had suicidal thoughts from his illegal relationship with Salines, NECN reported.

“Relationships with people in my life were ruined, and many thought I was in the wrong and treated me like the situation was my fault, and I was disgusting,” he indicated. ‘I spent a lot of nights crying and thought I was worthless.”

The statement continued: “There were times I convinced myself I shouldn’t be in this world and thought about killing myself. I felt like a train was going through my chest.”

Wicked Local announced that William Korman, Salines’ attorney, said after the hearing that the woman “feels terrible” about the pain she has caused, especially to her family, and explained that the plea is the “the best possible solution” for everyone involved.

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