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Father admits to brutal killing of cancer surviving toddler daughter

September 17, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Father admits to brutal killing of cancer surviving toddler daughter NY dad, jealous of the attention his cancer-survivor daughter received, pleads guilty to killing her

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A man in upstate New York has admitted guilt in the deplorable killing of his young daughter who survived cancer earlier this year.

According to CBS8, 25-year-old Ryan Lawrence admitted to beating his 22-month-old daughter Maddox to death with a baseball bat, then burning her body in a fire pit, before tying her remains to a cinder block and dumping it at the bottom of a creek near Syracuse, back in February.

Lawrence pleaded guilty to first-degree murder charges as part of a plea deal with Onondaga County prosecutors.

In the context of the plea agreement, Lawrence admitted to killing the child in a fit of jealousy over the attention Maddox had received after surviving a rare form of eye cancer.

Police picked up Lawrence two days after the child was reported missing by her mother Morgan Lawrence. Authorities discovered the remains of the little girl the day after his arrest.

Onondaga County District Attorney Bill Fitzpatrick told reporters, Maddox had already faced significant adversity during her short life after successfully overcoming an unusual form of eye cancer.

“Maddox was a fighter, she’s been battling a very unusual form of cancer,” Fitzpatrick said. “All indications were that she was successful but the [treatment] was expensive… and it was time-consuming,” he added.

“Lawrence confessed he was jealous of all the attention Maddox received, as opposed to the attention he was getting,” said Fitzpatrick.

The family of Morgan Lawrence, who were emotional in court as the suspect pled guilty, agreed to the deal. Lawrence faces 25 years-to-life in prison when he is sentenced on October 7th.

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