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Texas man tries to record cop on Facebook Live, accidentally films himself stashing drugs

September 18, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Texas man tries to record cop on Facebook Live, accidentally films himself stashing drugs

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Facebook Live video backfires.

A man in Texas, who was pulled over for traffic violations, claims that he was unjustly targeted by cops and posted a Facebook Live video to show the world his interaction with the police officers.

However, officers believe that he incriminated himself in the video of the incident, recording as he attempted to hide his drugs from law-enforcement.

The Dallas Morning News reported that 24-year-old Dominique Desha Green faces 11 charges, one of which includes drug possession, after the traffic stop in Dallas on Friday.

In the Facebook Live Post, Green said that he was looking through his phone in the parking lot of an AutoZone when a police officer approached him.

He claims that the cops tried to take him into custody “for being black on a Friday.”

Green continued, “They’re just f***ing with me because I’m young, black — and on the wrong side of the neighborhood.”

In the video, multiple police officers are observed surrounding the man’s vehicle. As the video approaches its ten-minute mark, Green is overheard doing something with the car door. However, it was off-camera.

Police stated that’s when the man hid his cocaine in the driver’s side door.

Green said in the Facebook Live video: “I’m glad I didn’t get out of the car. I got a pocket full of all kind of s**t.”

Law enforcement officials announced that the statement Green made was used as a clue to locate the drugs.

Green was also charged with failure to wear a seatbelt, failure to use a turn signal, and resisting arrest. Police say that man was initially pulled over for pulling into a parking lot without using a turn signal.

Officers subsequently discovered that Green had previously been convicted of possession of marijuana and evading authorities by providing a false name, according to the Dallas News.

The man is seen in the post fighting with the officer who pulled him over, Officer Kristopher Trotter — and later spit in his face as he was being arrested.

Green also attempted to kick out the window of the patrol car and continued to shout at the officer who handcuffed him.

“Trotter — however, you pronounce it — that’s a unique name…. What? It European? You Pilgrim ass cracker,” he stated.

Law enforcement officials say that the angry man also threatened to kill Officer Trotter and his wife, and then proceeded to threaten that he was going to sexually assault his daughter.

“When I get out I’m going to hunt you down,” he stated.

Green is in custody at Dallas County Jail on $229,500 bail.

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