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Judge revokes bail for NYPD cop accused in drug case after gangland hit on key witness

September 23, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Judge revokes bail for NYPD cop accused in drug case after gangland hit on key witness

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A federal judge revoked bail for an NYPD cop, who is accused in a federal indictment, of running with a violent drug gang in the Bronx, New York, hours after a key informant was executed in a gangland-style hit.

Federal District Court Judge Colleen McMahon ordered disgraced NYPD police officer, Merlin Alston, remanded on Wednesday after police had discovered the body of a cooperating witness, just before he was set to testify against him at an upcoming drug conspiracy trial.

Alston, who stands accused of moonlighting as a gun-wielding bodyguard and chauffeur for Robert Bishun over a four-year period, faces narcotics conspiracy charges listed in a federal indictment.

Masked men abducted the 36-year-old Bishun at gunpoint on Tuesday from an auto body shop he owned in the Morris Park section of the Bronx.


Robert Bishun, 36, was abducted from his Bronx auto body shop and found strangled in the back of his BMW. He was expected to testify as a witness in NYPD Officer Merlin Alston’s drug conspiracy case. (Instagram)

Police later found the body of Bishun in the back of his BMW with a zip tie wrapped around his neck in what authorities are calling a “Don Corleone-style” gangland hit, the New York Daily News reported.

“I’ve been around the racetrack once or twice. It certainly sounds like a contract killing and smacks of movie violence,” McMahon said Wednesday.

On Wednesday, federal prosecutors for Manhattan’s Southern District outlined details of the gruesome murder of the mechanic in court and claimed Alston, who remained free on bail ordered BIshun’s execution to silence the victim.

During the court proceeding, Tom McKay, a federal prosecutor with the U.S. Attorney’s Office, admitted Bishun was a cooperating witness who was scheduled to testify at Alston’s upcoming trial.


Alston, an NYPD officer in the Bronx, was arrested and indicted in a narcotics conspiracy case

McKay also said phone texts recovered by federal investigators proved the disgraced cop and his cohorts monitored Bishun’s role in the trial.

McMahon revoked Alston’s bail and ordered him to remain in custody after hearing details of Bishun’s gruesome murder and additional incidents of violence committed against other witnesses.

Alston’s attorney, Bradley Henry objected to the remand and claimed the feds had no evidence linking his client to Bishun’s murder.

The NYPD said Alston remains suspended from the force pending the outcome of his criminal case.

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