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Florida man accused of starting fire while cooking hash oil grabbed drugs and left child

September 23, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Florida man accused of starting fire while cooking hash oil grabbed drugs and left child

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Florida authorities say a man accused of grabbing his drugs but leaving his one-year-old daughter and two caged dogs behind after causing a blast at his home while cooking hash oil has surrendered to police.

The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office said on Monday, 24-year-old Steven Brown of Port Richey turned himself into investigators on charges of arson, drug and cruelty to animal charges in connection with the September 3rd blast.

Brown allegedly ignited the fire after attempting to making hash oil or Marijuana wax which is a potent type of cannabis, according to Pasco County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Kevin Doll.


The explosion was heard by many residents in the neighborhood

After causing the explosion, Brown fled the residence with his drug stash but never returned to pick up his daughter, who remained unharmed. But his two dogs later died.

The blast caused significant damage to the home.

According to Bay News9, Brown was the target of a search and managed to flee a police traffic stop on September 9th.

Florida Poison Information Center spokesman Alfred Aleguas said propane from a barbecue or butane from a lighter is used to derive THC, but the process is very explosive.


During the process, the marijuana is cooked down into a waxy form that is more potent and is more easy to package and sell

The procedure to extract the THC, the chemical concentrate derived from marijuana or hash, includes stuffing pot into either a metal, glass or plastic pipe containing a filter on one end before forcing Butane in the open end of the mechanism.

The Butane hash oil dissolves the THC evaporating the butane.

“It is very dangerous because like a lot of organic solvents it’s very flammable, and using propane or butane, it’s also volatile,” Aleguas said.

A neighbor who lives next door to Brown described hearing the loud explosion.

‘It was loud. I’m talking about like somebody just dropped a bomb,’ resident Cynthia Bryant said of the blast to BayNews9.

Court records have not specified whether Brown has an attorney.

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