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Tennessee burglary suspects caught having sex in home they ransacked

September 28, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Tennessee burglary suspects caught having sex in home they ransacked

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Police say a wanna-be Bonnie and Clyde-like burglary suspects thought it was a good idea to have sex in the home they burglarized in Tennessee. However, the homeowner walked in on the two in the act.

As Jamie Barnes returned home from a weekend getaway; she was met with an unexpected shock after she opened her door and discovered a couple having sex on her couch in the ransacked residence.

“I Walk in and they’re having sex on my couch,” Barnes told WREG-TV after the bizarre incident on Sunday.

The victim continued, “It’s horrible in there. It’s absolutely horrible in there. It’s like they just had a big old nasty party.”

Barnes stated that when she witnessed the naked burglary suspects, she immediately grabbed her broom. “I wanted to hit that man so bad,” she added.

The man kept shouting, “I don’t know nothing,” while his partner went to grab one of Barnes’ dresses.

“She tried to grab one of my dresses and put it on, and I snatched it from her, ‘What are you trying to do?’” Barnes said.

The couple soon fled on foot, and Barnes tried to chase them but stopped once they reached an alleyway.

Authorities caught the woman, who has been identified as Tonka Barnes, on aggravated burglary charges, WREG-TV reported.

The robbers stole Barnes’ appliances, jewelry, and clothes.

The victim, who now wants to relocate, stated, “I don’t feel comfortable at this house, so in my eyes, I’m homeless.”

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