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New map shows major smuggling routes into Texas used by drug cartels

September 30, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
New map shows major smuggling routes into Texas used by drug cartels

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The Department of Public Safety in Texas published a report to the state during the early summer months which contained a map of major smuggling routes along the southern Border.

The DPS Director Steven McCraw showed a powerpoint presentation to the Texas House Appropriations Committee on July 19th showing a summary of Operation Secure Texas, a border protection plan, and proposals requested by the Joint Committee on Border Security.

A picture of the map was distributed on social media on Wednesday by Dave Hendricks, the executive producer for ValleyCentral.com.

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“Texas shares 1,254 miles with Mexico,” the presentation reads. “Fourteen Texas counties share a contiguous border with Mexico.”

According to the report, Hidalgo and Starr Counties have the highest drug smuggling rates in the state, followed by Webb and Cameron Counties which are on the southern tip of Texas on the border.

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There were 234,062 immigrants caught illegally sneaking across the Texas-Mexico Border back in 2015, which declined from the previous year which saw 315,803 people arrested.

As of August 1st, there are 4,270 detection cameras stationed along the border region as well as 1,241 troopers.

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