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Former Air Force Sergeant Steven Williams gets 35 years for murder and dismemberment of ex wife’s body

October 2, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Former Air Force Sergeant Steven Williams gets 35 years for murder and dismemberment of ex wife’s body

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Former Air Force Sergeant Steven Williams was sentenced to 35 years behind bars in a central Florida courtroom on Friday for brutally slaughtering his ex-wife before he cut up her remains with a chainsaw and dissolved them in acid.

Williams was sentenced after he pleaded no contest back in May to second-degree murder in the terrible death of Tricia Todd.

He was sentenced to an additional five years of prison time for the neglect of his child because he left their two-year-old daughter by herself when he went to deposit his ex-wife’s dismembered remains in a park.

The sheriff’s office announced that 30-year-old Tricia Todd, a mother-of-one, and an Air Force veteran, disappeared in April, and Williams was apprehended a short time later in North Carolina.

He eventually admitted to the crime and directed law enforcement officials to her dismembered body.

Stone-faced: Williams showed no emotion during his sentecing Friday, even when the victim's relatives addressed him directly

Stone-faced: Williams showed no emotion during his sentencing Friday, even when the victim’s relatives addressed him directly

Authorities stated that Steven Williams deposited Todd’s body parts in a container of acid.

Todd, who was employed as a hospice nurse before her death, was last seen “smiling and in good spirits” as she went grocery shopping at a Publix supermarket on April 26th, just a few hours before she went missing.

After she had left the store, her ex-husband called her to tell her that their daughter was not feeling well.

The former Air Force sergeant who was visiting from North Carolina to see his daughter accompanied Todd to Martin Memorial South Hospital that night.

Police said she went to the hotel where Williams was staying and reportedly left at around 2 am the next day.


The former airman used chainsaw to cut up ex-wife’s body

The woman was reported missing later that morning when she never showed up to pick her daughter up from the hospital.

Her car was later discovered near her house with the keys still placed in the ignition. Her cell phone and credit cards – which were missing – had not been used.

Law enforcement officials and volunteers spent weeks looking for Todd until Steven Williams finally confessed in May as part of a plea deal.

During a sentencing hearing on Friday, Williams displayed little emotion, but just before he was brought into the courtroom; he had a grin on his face.

According to WPBF, Judge Lawrence Mirman referred to his offense “horrific” and declared that the punishment was “clearly less than full justice” for the victim’s family, but also noted that without the plea, they would have never known what happened.

When David Todd, Tricia’s father, delivered his victim impact statement, he spoke to Williams directly and told him that he had forgiven him.

Nathan Todd, the victim’s brother, also told the man that he, too, does not bear him any ill will.

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