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Mexican prosecutors eye son of film director Leon Serment in contracted killing of his parents

October 3, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Mexican prosecutors eye son of film director Leon Serment in contracted killing of his parents MÉXICO, D. F.- Deputies/Diputados-Cineastas. El director León Serment durante reunión de la Comisión de Cultura de la Asamblea Legislativa del Distrito Federal con cineastas. Foto: Agencia EL UNIVERSAL/Agustín Salinas. ASV.

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The killing of film director Leon Serment and his producer wife’s subsequent murder are believed to have been contracted killings orchestrated by their son for approximately $5,200 per victim, Mexico City’s top prosecutor announced on Friday.

At a press conference, Prosecutor Rodolfo Rios claimed that the unidentified son and his girlfriend were the “intellectual authors” of the slayings and said that four suspects, including those who ordered and those who carried out the killings, were apprehended on Thursday.

The alleged scheme is believed to have been planned over a two-month duration, El Universal reported.

Leon Serment directed the film “Tequila Effect,” which came out in 2010 and is a thriller documenting the peso crisis of 1994.

He was slaughtered by two suspects while going home with his son in the capital on August 27th, in what was believed at the time to have been a burglary gone wrong. Investigators later discovered discrepancies in the son’s account of what happened.

Video footage revealed that the attackers were waiting and using their cellphones before killing Leon Serment implying that he was a particular target.

The couple of filmmakers Leon Serment and Adriana Rosique Photo THE UNIVERSAL.

Mexican filmmaker Leon Serment and Adriana Rosique Photo from EL UNIVERSAL.

Authorities also indicated that only 30 minutes after the slaying, the attackers took out cash from ATMs and made purchases at a convenience store using the victim’s bank cards, indicating that they had access to his PIN numbers.

Adriana Rosique, Sergeant’s wife, told law enforcement officials that it was odd for their son to visit his dad and that the girlfriend had been sending him texts while they were at home.

“There was phone communication between the material authors with the son and his girlfriend,” said Rios.

Rosique was discovered hanged in her home on September 19th. The son allegedly told investigators that he had left the home that night to take his girlfriend to the hospital, and didn’t find out about his mother’s killing until the next day.

However, there were no records of the couple’s presence at the hospital; instead, video footage indicated that they were walking around the streets in the neighborhood.

Rios stated that video recordings also showed the son leaving the house as he was using his phone, and two attackers entered the residence with ease just moments after.

“It is the son who leaves the door to the house open,” the prosecutor argued.

When authorities searched the home of one alleged attacker, detectives located a bank card that belonged to Rosique that had been used to make daily cash withdrawals since she was killed.

In an interview with Mexican reporter Joaquin Lopez-Doriga, Rios revealed that both victims had life insurance and the son harbored a deep resentment of his parents because they were not accepting of his relationship with his girlfriend. He also stated that the day before Rosique’s murder, there had been a dispute at home between her, the son and his girlfriend.

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