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Mexican authorities arrest top leadership of Los Zetas in Nuevo Leon

October 4, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Mexican authorities arrest top leadership of Los Zetas in Nuevo Leon

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Authorities in Mexico have inflicted a death blow against the ruthless Zetas cartel faction, the Cartel del Noreste or Cartel of the Northeast (CDN) with the capture of several top leaders in Nuevo Leon, including the outfits regional boss in the state.

The State Investigation Agency (AEI) announced on Monday the arrest of Gerardo Elias Matamoros Garza, identified as the boss of the Zetas faction operating in Nuevo Leon and other top ranking commanders.

Mexican Army troops captured the 34-year-old Matamoros Garza without resistance as they left a bar in the municipality of Santa Catarina.

According to Proceso, authorities arrested Matamoros Garza, who investigators say ran his criminal structure by using the WhatsApp messaging service after weeks of investigation and intelligence work conducted by the army.

“The alleged drug trafficker made an attempt to escape arrest by the Army with the protection of his personal guards, but ran into a security perimeter established by ministerial officers and municipal police,” a state prosecutor said in a statement.

On Friday, authorities also arrested Jorge Geovanni García Gallegos, “El Negro” identified as the head of assassins for the CDN along with leading figures: Jose Guadalupe Rodriguez-Chavez; Bryan Pacheco Ricardo Cubillos; Jahir Alberto Hurtado Gallegos; and David Alejandro Tinajero Parras.

“With this capture, the criminal structure, which is attributed to multiple executions and extortion in the metropolitan area, is dismantled after other commanders of the organization, who had operated in Nuevo Leon, were arrested,” he said in the statement.

Senior Mexican law enforcement officials said the arrest of Matamoros-Garza and the remaining leadership figures in Nuevo Leon coincides with the detention of the CDN’s top boss Juan Francisco “Comandante Kiko” Treviño, who was nabbed by U.S. federal agents last week near Houston, Texas.

Trevino, who is the nephew of imprisoned Zetas boss Miguel Angel Trevino, was officially charged in a drug trafficking and money laundering indictment in Houston federal court on Friday.

The CDN have been embroiled in a brutal turf war against a rival faction called the Old School Zetas, which has resulted in an unstoppable wave of violence in the neighboring state of Tamaulipas.

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