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Body cam footage shows Jeffrey Clair Cave shooting two Arizona cops

October 4, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Body cam footage shows  Jeffrey Clair Cave shooting two Arizona cops

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Police have released compelling body camera footage detailing the moment 53-year-old Arizona resident Jeffrey Clair Cave opened fire at a team of police officers serving a warrant on Thursday, hitting two officers.

Arizona law enforcement officials said the officers went to the residence of  Jeffrey Clair Cave to execute a warrant for a stolen gun.

The footage, which was made public by the City of Kingman, shows the cops entering the property in tactical gear and Cave inside the house keeping a gun at his side, the Arizona Independent reported.

The video also shows the officers shouting at the suspect to “drop the gun.” However, at one point he says to police: “Shoot me.”

When Cave declined to drop the firearm, one cop yells to another to taser Cave.

However, as they begin to pull out the taser, Cave opened fire.

Authorities reported that the man began shooting at the officers, and cops then fatally shot him.

The video concluded as Cave was gunned down. He soon died at the scene.

One of the men who were injured, 57-year-old Detective Dennis Gilbert, is reported to be in serious, but stable condition.

Lieutenant James Brice, 58, had a bullet swipe through his clothes but was not thankfully not injured due to the tactical gear they were wearing.

The officer who shot the fatal bullet has been put on administrative leave pending an investigation into the incident, as per standard protocol.

Law enforcement officials verified that the gun Cave used to shoot at the police officers was not the same gun connected to the warrant.

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