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Mother bailed out accused killer Gary Bias before he brutally beat great grandmother to death

October 5, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Mother bailed out accused killer Gary Bias before he brutally beat great grandmother to death

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Accused killer Gary Bias,who is facing accusations that he fatally beat his 82-year-old great-grandmother in the East Village section of New York City, would not have been able to murder the elderly woman if his mother hadn’t bailed him out of prison, according to law enforcement sources.

The 23-year-old Gary Bias was apprehended last November for the assault of his stepfather 43-year-old Ahmed Green with a small baseball bat. The attack left one of Green’s eye sockets shattered, along with a deep gash on the victim’s forehead.

Judge George Grasso of Brooklyn Supreme Court issued bail at $10,000 and required Bias to stay away from Green and his mother, Alisha Green, court records indicate.

The suspect’s charges were increased to attempted murder, and he was directed to remain in custody without bail, the New York Daily News reported.

Back in March, Gary Bias was booked into a psychiatric institution. In June, he was subsequently determined to be competent enough to face trial.

During the hearing, Bias’ Legal Aid attorney Jane Sampeur requested that Judge Joseph Gubbay grant him bail.

“I am also going to ask at this time that the remand be lifted as he is now fit to proceed and the original bail set be restored in the amount of $10,000,” Sampeur said.

When the Assistant D.A., Glenn Singer, did not object, Gubbary reinstated bond.

On August 9th, his mother posted his $10,000 bail, despite the order of protection and the violent assault upon her husband.

Bias also appeared in mental health court two times in September before Judge Michael D’Emic.

On Friday, however, Bias broke into his great grandmother Ella-Nae Bias’ apartment, bound her to a chair and beat her until she died, law enforcement officials announced.

The suspect then phoned his mother and convinced her to come to the apartment.

He placed duct tape over her mouth, tied her to another chair, beat her unconscious and then left.

The battered woman managed to free herself and begged for help from next-door-neighbors.

After police had apprehended the insane man, he informed them he was angry he didn’t kill his mother, prosecutors announced on Saturday.

Brooklyn prosecutors refused to discuss the case, but a law enforcement sources said nothing new had occurred since his arrest to support an increase in bail.

“He was remanded for the purpose of the psychiatric evaluation,” the source revealed.

“About seven months passed between his arrest and the hearing, and nothing new happened. His family believed he had schizophrenia and they wanted him free.”

He now remains in custody without bail.

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