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Parents found dead from drug overdose after daughter alerted school counselor

October 5, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Parents found dead from drug overdose after daughter alerted school counselor

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A Pennsylvania couple has been discovered dead from alleged drug overdose after their seven-year-old daughter informed school administrators that she couldn’t wake her parents up that morning.

The Allegheny County medical examiner revealed that the bodies of 25-year-old Jessica Lally and 26-year-old Christopher Dilly were recovered on Monday evening.

Law enforcement officials indicated a nine-month-old girl, a three-year-old boy and a five-year-old boy who were inside the residence were taken to a nearby hospital for assessments.

Lieutenant Andrew Schurman believes that the couple was probably deceased for a day or two. He suspects that drug overdose was the cause of death and foul play is not speculated.

Authorities announced that another fatal drug overdose linked to heroin occurred on the same street just hours prior.

Police officers were dispatched to the couple’s home at approximately 5 pm after Lally and Dilly’s oldest daughter informed a school counselor that something was wrong with her mother and father.

Evidence of drug use was reportedly discovered inside of the apartment where their bodies were located.

Autopsies will be performed on the two adults to ascertain the precise cause and manner of death.

Jordon McCallister, the family’s neighbor, told WPXI that he saw their children on Sunday, but there was no sight of their parents.

In February, a woman who referred to herself as Jessica Lally’s sister, Courtney, provided the true-crime blog Umbrella of Suspicion a string of shocking pictures that were reportedly snapped inside of Jessica and Christopher’s former apartment.

The blog entry revealed that Courtney Lally attacked her sister for being an addict and holding her four children in filthy and unsanitary conditions.

Lally openly published her grievances against her sister in a scattered, Facebook post published back in February, which stated: “this is how Jessica Leigh Lally lives with her children and Christopher Dilly flood Facebook with this in till it gets to them I want people to see what dirty bad parents they truly are it’s so sad they do not care about their children never have never will they beat their kids and make em stand in the corner all day they children are so damaged it’s not funny.”


The post was followed by pictures allegedly taken inside the couple’s then-home revealing filthy rooms covered with piles of garbage, a dirty bathroom with smudges on the wall, and a broken door hanging off of its hinges.

In a follow-up update, Courtney Lally declared that her four nieces and nephews have developmental and medical issues that she believed was caused by her sister’s debilitating drug habit.

She reported that one of her nephews was still in diapers and could hardly speak at 4-years-old, while her other nephew “walked like a baboon” and communicated using grunts and screams, WPXI11 reported.

The frustrated sister also disclosed that one of Jessica’s daughters had to stay in the hospital for several days after she was born because she apparently had drugs in her system.

According to the crime blog, Jessica Lally retaliated in a string of texts, attacking her family for spreading lies about her and her boyfriend so they could take her children.

The website indicated that the Department of Children and Youth Services had seized Jessica Lally’s kids, who were placed in their grandmother’s care, but eventually, Lally reacquired custody of her four children.

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