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Mexico extradites uncle of notorious cartel boss “El Chapo” Isidro and top Sinaloa Cartel operator

October 8, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Mexico extradites uncle of notorious cartel boss “El Chapo” Isidro and top Sinaloa Cartel operator

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Mexican Federal officials have extradited two top drug traffickers identified as Jose Vazquez Villagrana alias “El Jabali”, an alleged collaborator of Joaquin ‘El Chapo” Guzman, the jailed leader of the Sinaloa Cartel and Pánfilo Flores Apodaca, alias “El Charmin” the uncle of notorious cartel boss Fausto Isidro Flores also known as “El Chapo” Isidro to the United States on Thursday.

In a statement, the Mexican Attorney General’s Office (PGR) said the transfer of Flores Apodaca and Vazquez Villagrana complied with arrest warrants filed by Interpol in Mexico for the extradition of both suspects to the U.S.

Flores Apodaca faces an indictment for drug trafficking, racketeering, and weapons offenses out of the Federal Court in the District of Columbia.

Law enforcement officials in the U.S. and Mexico have identified Flores Apodaca as the alleged leader of the Meza Flores drug trafficking organization in Los Mazatlecos in northern Sinaloa.


The Meza Flores organization is a powerful faction of the Beltran Leyva Organization (BLO) led by “El Chapo” Isidro. U.S. Federal prosecutors say the criminal group is responsible for the trafficking of multi-ton quantities of narcotics into the United States.

Marines captured “El Charmin” along with Octavio Barrozo Jesus Camacho, also a member of the criminal group, during an operation in Bamoa, Guasave, Sinaloa back on April 8th, 2015.

The PGR said Mexican Marines units delivered Flores Apodaca and Villagrana under heavy security to U.S. Marshals and FBI agents at the international airport in Toluca, Radio Formula reported.

Officials said since Apodaca’s apprehension; he has remained incarcerated under heavy Marine guard.

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Meanwhile, Jose Vazquez Villagrana is the subject of an arrest warrant in connection with a cocaine trafficking indictment filed out of the Federal Court for the Middle District of Florida.

“El Jabali” or “The Wild Boar” was arrested in 2010 in the northern state of Sonora, where he oversaw his base of operations for the Sinaloa Cartel.

At one time Vazquez Villagrana resided in Arizona and joined the U.S. military in 1990. However, a year after obtaining his U.S. citizenship he deserted and returned to Mexico where he began trafficking narcotics.

U.S. prosecutors accuse “El Jabali” of importing cocaine shipments from Colombia to Mexico. The drugs were stored on ranches in Sonora owned by Villagrana before the product was smuggled into the United States.

El Chapo lieutenant known as "El Jabali" was extradited to the United States on Thursday

Jose Vazquez Villagrana, a reputed El Chapo lieutenant was extradited to the United States on Thursday

Villagrana at one time was a key operator for the BLO but switch alliances to the Sinaloa Cartel after a fallout with Arturo Beltran Leyva.

Although the BLO has largely fractured into smaller regionalized groups, the Meza Flores faction led by “El Chapo” Isidro has remained a dominant faction.

The U.S. Treasury Department’s Officer of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) considers “El Chapo Isidro” the main rival of the Sinaloa Cartel, led by  “El Chapo” Guzman and Ismael “El Mayo’ Zambada.

OFAC sanctioned Isidro Flores as a designated transnational narcotics trafficker under the “Kingpin Act,” back in 2013.

At one time, the BLO, led by the Beltran-Leyva brothers operated as a dominant faction of Sinaloa Cartel.

The two groups split after the Beltran-Leyva brothers led by Arturo, accused Guzman of providing Mexican authorities information, which resulted in the 2008 capture of Alfredo Beltran-Leyva.

A violent war soon erupted between the two organizations as a consequence of the split, which still exists today.

A recent escalation in violence in the mountainous region of Badirgurato, Sinaloa, which has caused the displacement of hundreds of families is directly attributed to the ongoing strife between the two groups.

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