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Police arrest Georgia teacher Daniel Culbreth for sending explicit snapchats to students

October 9, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Police arrest Georgia teacher Daniel Culbreth for sending explicit snapchats to students

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Police arrested Georgia math teacher Daniel Culbreth, who is accused of trading explicit Snapchats with female students from his high school and had an intimate relationship with at least one of them, according to police.

Culbreth, a teacher at Pickens High School, exchanged “highly inappropriate” photos through Snapchat with several girls, the Pickens County Sheriff’s Office reported.

Deputies apprehended Culbreth on Thursday night after obtaining a warrant on a lead that Culbreth had been communicating with the students through Snapchat, Sheriff Donnie Craig indicated.

Law enforcement officials said a search of the teacher’s account showed that Culbreth exchanged naked and explicit pictures with the girls.

“In cases like this, nobody wins,” Craig announced in a statement. “Yes, we may have made a good arrest, but a number of teenage girls have been made victims by someone that we, as parents, have entrusted to care for them.”

It is not clear whether Daniel Culbreth had been terminated from his position at the high school.

The school district published a news release from the sheriff’s office regarding his arrest on its Facebook profile, but his name still appears on the school website.

The 28-year-old graduated from the high school in 2006 and went to the University of Georgia. He coached the football team and was also an advanced algebra teacher.

An investigator from the sheriff’s office, who also works for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s Crimes Against Children Task Force, questioned several students at the high school — which is located approximately 60 miles outside of Atlanta.

Authorities said the suspect “had multiple cyber relationships with students and had a physical relationship with at least one student.”

Culbreth is facing charges of sexual assault by persons with supervisory authority and computer exploitation of children. He was listed to appear in court on Friday.

Prosecutors may still seek additional charges against the educator as detectives continue to investigate all available evidence, Craig added.

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