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Mexican Police shoot immigrant children who were mistaken for cartel gunmen

October 10, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Mexican Police shoot immigrant children who were mistaken for cartel gunmen

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A 9-year-old is fighting for his survival while two other underage illegals from Central America are recovering at a local hospital after a Mexican police officer opened fire on them, believing that they were cartel gunmen fleeing.

The boys were not associated with a drug cartel but were apart of a group of immigrants who entered Mexico illegally and were traveling through Monterrey, Nuevo Leon as they were trying to make their way towards the Texas border.

The incident occurred after a Chevrolet Suburban went through two police checkpoints. The inspection blocks had been set up beside the Teran-China highway which joins the southern part of the state with the border of Texas. Municipal police officers Jose Luis Martinez Canela and Enrique Fabela Guerrero launched a pursuit after the fleeing vehicle.

In an effort to halt the vehicle, Martinez Canela, 28, discharged ten bullets from his firearm. One man and the three juveniles who were riding in the car were wounded. One of the victims, 9-year-old Omar David Velazquez Aguilar from Honduras, was airlifted to a hospital in Monterrey after sustaining a bullet wound to the chest.

Six-year-old Carlos Miguel Velazquez Aguilar suffered some surface injuries to his head and is recovering in nearby hospital with his aunt, Duna Maria Aguilar Agueta. The aunt stated that she and her two nephews had traveled from Honduras to get to the border to cross illegally into Texas.

Emergency medical workers also treated Andy William Tovara Bautista, 14, and German Tovara Pacheco who had also been hurt in the incident.

Mexican Police officials said that minutes before the fatal pursuit, a gun battle had broken out in the city of Linares, just 15 miles away from the scene. Preliminary evidence suggests that the officers were warned about the possible presence of escaping gunmen, Breitbart Texas reported.

Following the incident, Martinez was taken into custody and charged with injury to a child and the abuse of authority. Enrique Sanmiguel, the Public Safety Director from the city of General Teran, left his post shortly after the shooting.

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