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Tire shop owner gunned down near Texas border

October 10, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Tire shop owner gunned down near Texas border

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A group of cartel gunmen ambushed a local tire shop just south of the Texas Border in the Mexican city of Piedra Negras, Coahuila where they fatally shot the owner and succeeded in making a clean escape.

The attack is just another example of the spike in violence that has already resulted in 15 killings in this small city alone.

According to Vanguardia, the slaying occurred at a 24-hour tire shop called “El Bagre” or “catfish.”

Inside the shop, gunmen opened fire numerous times at the owner who also goes by the nickname El Bagre. Following the incident, police initiated a manhunt that went through the night as they tried to find the suspects.

Law enforcement officials have not published the victim’s name nor a motive behind the shooting. So far, in 2016, Piedras Negras has seen 15 homicides with the vast majority of them occurring in the past few weeks.

Piedras Negras is a city with approximately 150,000 residents and is located directly south of the Rio Grande from the Texas border city of Eagle Pass.

The city has been extensively used by the Los Zetas drug cartel as a lucrative smuggling route due to its lack of border security.

El Bagre’s slaying occurred just days after two alleged killers shot and killed a 23-year-old woman as she was walking out of a local restaurant with her boyfriend and another family member.

Just days before that shooting, armed Los Zetas members had brutally killed a man and fatally injured a woman before igniting their vehicle in flames. The woman was allegedly an accountant for the Los Zetas cartel, and the man is believed to have served as a human smuggler.

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