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Killer of 69 year old Bronx woman tried to blow up her home to cover up crime

October 11, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Killer of 69 year old Bronx woman tried to blow up her home to cover up crime

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An elderly woman’s killer, who riddled his victim in stab wounds in the Bronx, attempted to ignite her home in flames to cover up the crime.

As Lila Ramsaran’s lifeless body remained in her home on Sunday, the killer ignited the gas on the stove, messed with the gas line, and lit candles, all in an attempt to torch the home.

Someone detected the scent of gas coming from the residence and called 911. Authorities then discovered 69-year-old Ramsaran’s brutally stabbed body.

Firefighters extinguished the candles and cut the gas before the house could blow up.

Neighbors told law enforcement officials that they didn’t hear any screams or struggles coming from the house, the New York Daily News reported.

“It looked to me like an inside job,” Leslie Garden, a neighbor, stated. “There were no signs of forced entry. It’s a shame. She was a great lady.”

The retired watch company worker was intending on putting the Bronx home on the market and going back to live in her native Trinidad.

Investigators are examining whether the plan to sell may have been a circumstance in her slaying.”

Just hours before the victim’s killing, a neighbor noticed the victim cleaning her home. Her family told authorities that they were not aware of any problems she was having.

Ramsaran’s heartbroken niece said her aunt wasn’t feeling well on Saturday. Her relatives wanted her to go to church on Sunday.

“I felt like something was wrong because it’s not like her to not answer the phone.”

One resident contacted Ramsaran’s family to complain about the smell of gas in the house. Her family went over and walked in on the gruesome display.

“We were not expecting to find out anything like this,” her niece added.

Ramsaran was born and raised in Trinidad but relocated to the U.S. about 40 years ago. She went back to Trinidad but came back to the Bronx every couple of months to check her home.

“She was upbeat and independent. She did everything for herself. She was very giving and loving towards everybody,” the niece continued.

“If you needed something and she had it she would give it to you no questions asked. We don’t know why anyone would do this to her. We are very confused.”

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