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Louisiana politician Mike Yenni admits to sexting teen boy in bizarre commercial

October 11, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Louisiana politician Mike Yenni admits to sexting teen boy in bizarre commercial

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A Local Louisiana politician released a bizarre commercial admitting to sexting a 17-year-old high school student amid calls for him to resign from his post. Republican Jefferson Parish president Mike Yenni has refused to submit his resignation after releasing the one-minute infomercial where he admits to sending sexually explicit texts to a local teen.

Yenni’s public confession comes a week after the FBI confirmed it has launched an investigation into the allegations that the 40-year-old married father had in improper relationship with the teen in 2015.

Authorities are looking into accusations Yenni had kissed the boy, sent the teen explicit text messages describing having threesome fantasies, and purchased him underwear

During the one-minute commercial, Yenni said his constituents “deserved the truth directly for him.”

“I chose to send improper texts to a young man, I won’t go into details out of respect for the rights and privacy of all parties,” Yenni said.

Although he refused to reveal the extent of the relationship, many residents in Jefferson are very familiar with the details.

Accusations of Yenni having a misguided relationship with a then-17-year-old boy began to surface last year.

Mike Yenni first met the teen through a 19-year-old mutual acquaintance at a function held at the Catholic high school where the boy attended.

A relationship soon evolved involving phone and lewd text messages. During one instance, Yenni reportedly went to the boy’s job at a food court in a local mall so he could give him designer underwear, and the two ended up kissing inside a bathroom, WWL-TV reported.

During one of the text messages allegedly sent by Yenni, which were provided by to the youth to WWL-TV, Yenni told the boy he wanted to see him modeling the underwear he purchased for him.

Additionally, Yenni described sexual acts that he wanted to perform on the teen and he would like a threesome with the boy and their 19-year-old mutual friend, who introduced them.

The high school student told WW-TV  that initially, he felt flattered by the attention, but became uncomfortable as the messages became increasingly sexually explicit.

“He invited me to his house in Oxford Mississippi and described the sexual things he wanted to do to me,” the youth said.

“He also asked me to be a secretary or assistant in his office; so I could be with him and nobody would ask questions,” the teen added.

In the infomercial, Yenni only addressed the claims of the sexting improprieties and maintains he “never abused or misused” his powers as a public official.

Because the age of consent in Louisiana is 17, a sexual relationship would not be illegal. However, it has seriously compromised his political career.

His admission hasn’t halted demands by local officials for his resignation. However, Mike Yenni made it clear he’s not going anywhere.

“I will work hard every day to prove that good people can rise from a bad decision, I’m certainly not afraid of the future because I’m smart enough never to repeat the past,” Yenni said.

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