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Top leader of Los Zetas killed in border gun battle with Mexican Marines

October 12, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Top leader of Los Zetas killed in border gun battle with Mexican Marines

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Mexican authorities say a military operation has killed one of the top leaders of the brutal Los Zetas criminal organization during a gun battle in Nuevo Leon.

Authorities said Javier “El Shaggy” Morales Valencia, a former Coahuila state police officer and one of the highest-ranking leaders of the Zetas faction known as the Old School Zetas, was killed in a shootout with Mexico’s battle-hardened Marines early Monday morning in the municipality of Allende, near Monterrey.

For the past several weeks, Marines have conducted capture missions tracking Morales Valencia, to various safe houses and hideout locations in Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon, Proceso reported.

Marine elements intercepted “El Shaggy” along the highway in Allende, which connects with the town Atongo de Abajo. The Zetas boss chose to go down in a hail of gunfire instead of surrendering sparking an intense firefight, which killed Morales Valencia along with his bodyguard identified as Jorge Luis Contreras Lopez.

The Nuevo Leon State Attorney General said Morales Valencia was the presumed Los Zetas leader responsible for overseeing criminal operations in the states of Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas.

The military managed to track down the senior cartel figure after receiving an anonymous tip from an individual who reported seeing groups of gunmen in the area.

Sources say El Shaggy has been the main facilitator behind a wave of executions in Ciudad Victoria, Nuevo Laredo, and Monterrey in connection with the ongoing civil war that has erupted between the Old School Zetas and a rival faction, the Cartel Del Noreste over vital drug smuggling corridors considered the gateway into the United States.

Law enforcement officials said Morales was tasked with “cleaning” territories of cartel rivals.

The death of Morales Valencia is the latest victory in successive weeks by the Mexican government aginst the Zetas organization.

As JammedUp News reported, Mexican authorities last week captured several high-ranking members of the CDN, including Gerardo Elias Matamoros Garza the Zetas boss in Nuevo Leon.

Also in recent weeks, U.S. federal agents managed the capture of the CDN’s top leader Juan Francisco “Kiko” Treviño, or “Comandante Kiko,” who was arrested at a home just outside Houston, Texas.

He was reportedly hiding out in Houston in fear of his life as a result of the ongoing war with the Old School Zetas.

Treviño is the nephew of the jailed Miguel Angel Trevino, “Z40” the ruthless Zetas boss who is responsible for several mass killings in northern Mexico including the 2010 San Fernando Massacre, where 72 migrants were executed.

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