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Police accuse Chicago mother accused of torturing of her 7-year-old son for two years

October 14, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Police accuse Chicago mother accused of torturing of her 7-year-old son for two years

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A mother in Chicago has been charged with the alleged torture of her seven-year-old son over the course of two years. Caroline Woods is accused of forcing the child to sleep and use the bathroom in a closet covered in feces during the horrible abuse.

The 24-year-old suspect was refused bail on Thursday and was reprimanded by a judge for the horrific treatment of her son, who was discovered running along a highway in a pull-up diaper over the weekend.

Authorities say that the child was covered with bruises and cuts, and he appeared malnourished and was bleeding just above his left eye, the Daily Mail reported.

As he scolded Woods, the judge told her: “These are depraved acts, you are a danger to society.”

The child told police that his mother often beat him using multiple objects, including a baseball bat, an extension cord, and a pole. The Chicago-Sun Times reported that he was also forced to sleep and go to the bathroom in a closet.

When he would get in trouble, his mother would force him to sit on the stove.

A physician who examined the boy’s condition told the Chicago Sun-Times that he had never seen so many injuries on one person.

The unfit mother has been charged with aggravated battery using a deadly weapon and aggravated battery to a child.

Prosecutors accuse Caroline Woods and her boyfriend, who has not been publicly identified nor apprehended, abused and tortured the child over the course of two years.

In one situation, the man held the boy down on a hot stove and then proceeded to burn his genitals with a curling iron.

The boy also told authorities that he was not allowed to go outside and would be fed at random times. When he did get the chance to eat, it was typically protein shakes or cans of okra.

The victim and his two-year-old sister have placed in protective custody.

Law enforcement officials were notified of the situation when a bystander called 911 on Sunday after seeing the boy running along the freeway wearing nothing but a diaper.

After police picked up the boy and took him to the station, he was told investigators his address and name.

Woods was taken into custody after police arrived at the residence.

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