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Donald Trump says drug cartel’s days are numbered

October 14, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Donald Trump says drug cartel’s days are numbered

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Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump declared the days of drug cartels in Mexico, who have been allowed to work with impunity on both sides of the border are over.

Trump made the bold declaration on Thursday during a rally in Florida in an attempt to shift the conversation for his fledgling campaign amid his ‘hot mic’ controversy where he was overheard on video degrading women to NBC’s Billy Bush.

“I have a message for the drug dealers, for the gang members, and the criminal cartels, your days are numbered” Donald Trump declared during a boisterous rally in Florida.

“When we allow ICE and the Border Patrol agents, and when we give them a big beautiful wall with a door in it so that people can come, we want them to come in, but they have to come in legally,” the presidential candidate stated. “We will stop the drugs from poisoning our youths and others.”

In addition to proposing a physical wall to divert, or at least slowdown drug smuggling attempts, Breitbart Texas reported.

However, what Tump fails to mention are the thousands of narco tunnels that would be built under his so-called proposed wall.

Another strategy which has garnered support involves declaring drug cartels as a terrorist enterprise. It would enable the United States to prosecute the corrupt politicians that provide protection and security to the cartels, the banks that store their funds and other entities that the criminal organizations are reliant upon, Darby indicated in an interview with C-SPAN.

As numerous Mexican politicians serve as surrogates for drug cartels, the exploitation in Mexico has granted a haven for the entities under suspicion.

Some of whom, including governors, have been the aim of criminal indictments in the United States for their position as cartel associates.

Despite having outstanding arrest warrants, officials have managed to live unscathed in Mexico since, as Darby has also indicated, agents with the FBI and other law enforcement personnel have had their hands tied by the Department of State that will not allow them to pressure Mexico into turning over some of those criminal politicians.

Drug cartels operating along the northern border, specifically the Gulf Cartel and Los Zetas, have shifted their position as drug kingpins and have now transformed into vicious terrorist-like groups responsible for thousands of mass killings in Mexico.

One of the most climactic cases deals with government leaders in Coahuila, who turned a blind eye as the Los Zetas cartel abducted, murdered, and burned over 300 victims. Half of those killed were incinerated inside of a state prison.

Additionally, the Gulf Cartel incinerated hundreds near the border city of Matamoros. Instead of launching an investigation, the Tamaulipas government concealed the incident, citing that they could not differentiate between human and animal remains.

The ruthlessness of Mexican cartels does not remain segregated south of the border, with many violent cartel-related crimes also taking place on the U.S. side, an issue, which must be a priority of the next President no matter who assumes the office.

However, no matter what Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton propose,  these ruthless criminal organizations will still continue to thrive unless political leaders seriously start to rethink the failed strategy of the War on Drugs.

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