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Video captures violent road rage altercation in Las Vegas

October 15, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Video captures violent road rage altercation in Las Vegas

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Police are investigating footage of a violent road rage altercation that occurred in middle of a busy Las Vegas intersection, which concluded with a male driver body slamming a female onto the street.

The scary dispute occurred on Monday at a light on Flamingo Road and Eastern Avenue, approximately seven blocks away from Caesars Palace.

A video recorded by a bystander reveals the man getting out of his car with a crowbar. However, after a quick struggle; his female opponent took it away from him.

Footage of the violent road rage altercation was posted on Facebook, which shows the woman waving the crowbar and striking the man with it.

The man is then seen picking the female up, flipping her over, and throwing her to the ground.

The woman promptly got off the ground and began smashing the man’s windshield with the crowbar.

The man soon got back in his vehicle and fled when the light turned green.

Law enforcement officials reported that the woman was also armed with a knife, though it is not seen in the footage, according to KTVN.

An investigation is being conducted to ascertain who was the primary offender. Officers were able to find the male driver from the license plate in the video, but his identity has not been revealed.

The woman reportedly missed the green light because she was on her phone.

She alleged that the man began honking and shouting slurs. It’s also claimed that he smashed her windshield with a tire iron.

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