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Cartel gunmen in armored vehicles ambush state police in Mexican border city of Reynosa

October 16, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Cartel gunmen in armored vehicles ambush state police in Mexican border city of Reynosa

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Cartel gunmen driving in ironclad SUVs attacked a state police convoy murdering one of the officers and igniting a series of pursuits and gun battles that persisted for hours.

The raid against the state police officers occurred after citizen journalists in Reynosa, Tamaulipas have reported on gun battles including large caravans of armed cartel members.

Residents say that the gun fights among cartel factions began in the area directly south of Roma, Texas and promptly spread to other rural areas.

The region is considered to be a major and profitable drug trafficking route due to the lack of border security.


Law enforcement sources confirmed that the attack occurred approximately four hours after the initial battles in the Rancherias rural community near the city of Camargo, which is located south of Rio Grande City, Texas.

Officials said a convoy of bulletproof cartel vehicles ambushed police, sparking a fierce firefight dispute where one officer was killed.

A second altercation began shortly after as Mexican military officials raced to aid state police officers, Breitbart Texas reported.

Along the way, the soldiers struggled with some cartel gunmen; which resulted in another conflict. Officials have yet to disclose the number of attackers that were wounded or killed during the combat.

Cartel-Gun-Battle- (1)

Additionally, cartel members placed hundreds of home-made road spikes and utilized stolen vehicles to barricade the major highways to try and slow down law enforcement.

The violence caused pure chaos for citizens as several described getting flat tires or being stuck in traffic due to the barricades.

Attacks against law enforcement have escalated in recent days with cartel forces targeting state agents, especially in the RibereƱa area.

The move seems to be a response to increased operations aimed at targeting cartel enterprises. Recently dispatched convoys of Mexican Marines have been carrying out successful raids against cartel gunmen seizing several armored trucks used by the Gulf Cartel on Wednesday.

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