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Texas woman charged with sex trafficking, pimped out teenage girl on Backpage

October 18, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Texas woman charged with sex trafficking, pimped out teenage girl on Backpage

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A woman in Texas has been charged with three counts of sex trafficking of a minor and three counts of compelling prostitution. Court records allege that the woman pimped a 16-year-old girl by posting ads for the child’s escort services on Backpage.com.

Nancy Cisneros stands accused of prostituting the teen and booking hotels so she could pimp the young girl to men for sex beginning in June 2015, according to court records.

KXAN reported the teenage victim informed authorities that she met Cisneros through a friend. The woman gave her contact information to Bernell Quillens, who got in touch with the girl and sent a picture of cash in a hotel room. He asked her if she wanted him to pick her up so she could start making money.

Quillens and another suspect, Cameron White, reportedly drove the girl to a hotel in San Marcus. They snapped pictures of her and posted the photo on Backpage.com’s escort advertising service. The money the young victim made through prostitution was given straight to Quillens.

Compelling prostitution is a first-degree felony if the person being pimped is under the age of 18 at the time of the offense. Additionally, claiming that one was unaware of the child’s age at the time is not a sufficient defense. The Texas Penal Code explains that the crime is a first-degree felony “regardless of whether the actor knows the age of the person at the time the actor commits the offense.”

At the beginning of the month, Ken Paxton, the Texas Attorney General, made the highest-profile human trafficking bust in the state’s history, when the CEO of Backpage.com was taken into custody as he was coming off of a flight from Amsterdam at the Houston airport. At the time of his arrest, Attorney General Paxton referred to the site as a “deep-seated evil” and “modern-day slavery.”

Backpage is deemed the largest promoter of adult escort services in North America. The website is a Dutch-owned limited liability corporation (LLC), which was incorporated in Delaware with its primary location of business in Dallas.

It manages a global online classified advertisement website on which people can post or locate adult escort ads. The search warrant affidavit stated: “It is currently the single largest purveyor of Internet sex ads in the United States, and Backpage.com’s profits from this line of business register in the millions yearly.”

At a press conference on the day of Ferrer’s arrest, General Paxton said that the girls exploited sex trafficking victims, which would include both involuntary and voluntary participants.

Texas Attorney General Paxton and California Attorney General Kamala D. Harris collaborated on a lengthy investigation and discovered evidence that adult and child sex trafficking victims were coerced into prostitution.

“Making money off the backs of innocent human beings by allowing them to be exploited for modern-day slavery is not acceptable in Texas,” Attorney General Paxton stated at the time of the apprehension. “I intend to use every resource my office has to make sure those who profit from the exploitation and trafficking of persons are held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.”

The CEO of Backpage.com is facing charges of money laundering in Texas and charges of pimping in California. According to Breitbart Texas, the Backpage.com CEO agreed on October 9th to immediate extradition to California after he was arrested in Houston. Ferrer is now in custody in California.

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