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Man in body armor tried to shoot 2 cops in Starbucks before assault rifle jammed

October 19, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Man in body armor tried to shoot 2 cops in Starbucks before assault rifle jammed

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Police say Adam Powell sported body armor and aimed an assault rifle at two cops in a Vallejo, California Starbucks before his firearm malfunctioned and he was shot by police shortly after.

The Vallejo Police Chief Andrew Badou referred to the incident as an “attempted assassination” of the two police officers, who were on their break when the altercation transpired.

The two cops were caught off guard and “were ambushed by somebody who had superior firepower,” the chief stated.

This is just the latest assault on law enforcement officials that have become increasingly common across the U.S., which include two conflicts in California in the past few weeks that left three officers dead.

Vallejo police said the 41-year-old Adam Powell passed by the Starbucks six minutes before the incident, which is a clear indication he apparently premeditated the assault.

Security footage showed a man walking up to the establishment and then running away just seconds later, with at least one officer pursuing him.

Authorities said Powell kept attempting to clear his jammed rifle as he fled. Police shot him three times nearby.

Jazmin Addison, a resident who lives in the area, said she heard over a dozen shots outside of her home. When she looked outside, she noticed a man lying on the ground, surrounded by police.

Powell was listed in critical but stable condition as of Monday. Jeff Basset, the Police Lieutenant, revealed that he will be arraigned within the next couple of days

The man was also armed with a loaded handgun, according to authorities. They also indicated that he was wearing police-style body armor.

Six hours before the incident, officers responding to reports of gunfire about 20 miles away discovered Powell’s 2-year-old son critically injured. Powell was not present when authorities arrived, and other family members told law enforcement that the boy inadvertently shot himself.

Officials do not have any indication if the suspect, who had a felony conviction for drug and robbery offenses, had any resentment toward police.

Breauna Bower, the stepdaughter of Adam Powell believes that he might have been trying to kill himself after seeing his son hurt.

“He’s a really good man. I don’t know what would’ve gone through this mind, but he’s really good man,” Bower told KGO-TV.

Bower added: “I assume he possibly thought his son was dead and was just distracted… And just wanted to commit suicide in a certain way. Who knows, who knows. He saw his son the way he did.”

The Vallejo incident occurred in the midst of escalating national controversy regarding police shootings of suspects, as well as on assaults against police.

On Tuesday, a service will be held in honor of the two officers murdered in Palm Springs, California as they were responding to a domestic disturbance at the residence of an ex-convict.

The Palm Springs shooting transpired three days after an L.A. County sheriff’s sergeant was fatally shot while responding to a burglary call.

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