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Video captures violent brawl outside Jersey bar

October 19, 2016  |  Posted by: JammedUp Staff
Video captures violent brawl outside Jersey bar

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Police have launched an investigation in the wake of a massive brawl that erupted outside an Elizabeth, New Jersey bar involving dozens of people early Sunday morning.

Surveillance video shows the moment two groups of men, possibly Hispanic, started brawling using anything at their disposal as weapons including baseball bats, steel poles, even cars, right in the middle of the street¬†in front of Pimm’s Lounge, PIX11 reported.

One neighborhood resident identified as Maria described the ensuing chaos, which lasted for several minutes that erupted around 2:45 a.m. on Erie Street.

“There was a fight, and then I saw cars like cars everywhere, and I’m like what is going on and all I hear was noise, noise,” the woman said.

The footage at one point shows a mini-van hitting two men exchanging haymakers. Moments later another man holding a long pipe can be seen running to the scene.

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The violent brawl involving dozens of men erupted around 2:45 a.m. Sunday morning outside a bar in Elizabeth


Minutes after the brawl seemed to subside and the crowd began to disperse, the fisticuffs erupted once again

A man in the video is seen racing in the scene armed with a bat, catching an intended target by surprise.

However, as the man attempts to flee, he’s immediately struck by a van, ¬†then run over by another vehicle before getting hit by a third separate car.

The individual with the bat then begins to pummel the injured man and soon a group of his friends join in and proceed to beat the defenseless victim.

Police Chief Patrick Shannon for Elizabeth called the footage “grisly,” as the T.V. station showed him the video

“It is absolutely abhorrent what happened to this fella first struck by a vehicle and then assaulted by what appears to be a baseball bat,” said Shannon said, while adding, “As I see that video I’m shocked. I haven’t seen all the video, but what I’ve seen of what occurred that evening is shocking.”

The Police Chief said two people were treated at a local hospital for broken legs and a broken arm resulting from the brawl.

Shannon said so far police have made no arrests but maintained the investigation is ongoing.

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