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Queens grandmother Eve Gentillon left critical after attack by ex-con

October 20, 2016  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Queens grandmother Eve Gentillon left critical after attack by ex-con Eve Gentillon left critical after attack by ex-con

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The 69-year-old grandmother, Eve Gentillon, who was struck by a crazed ex-con on a street corner in Queens, is bleeding from the brain, causing her fate to remain uncertain.

In an interview with the New York Post, 37-year-old Marie Gentillon, the victim’s daughter, stated: “My mother is fighting to recover…She is having seizures. She still can’t speak. She is heavily sedated. She is getting help from a respirator.”

Police said Eve Gentillon remains in critical condition in the ICU at Jamaica Hospital.

“It’s serious because it can go either way. She is still bleeding from the brain,” her distraught daughter added. “This is going to be a long process. We’re just taking it little by little every day.”

The victim, who is a retired health aide, required emergency surgery after she endured a brain aneurysm after the Saturday morning assault that left her unconscious on the sidewalk.

The grandmother of two was going to meet up with some women from a church group when she was abruptly punched in the head as she stood outside of the Sutphin King Deli just after 8 am.

The punch caused the victim to fall on her back, which was revealed by surveillance footage.

Doctors were forced to remove a bone from the victim’s skull, which was replaced by a metal plate.

“It was a serious surgery, but I have a feeling she is coming home. She’s always been strong and does everything on her own. She has great faith, and I know she is going to make it,” the daughter added.

Authorities are still looking for the man behind the attack, who has been identified as 28-year-old Richard “Kwasi” Springer, who charged out of the deli after robbing a can of beer just before he socked the victim.

“This man is a demon,” stated Gentillon, who wants justice for her mother. “I just want him to get caught. I know he needs to pay for what he did because if he stays out, he will continue to do this.”

The distraught daughter noted that law enforcement officials never informed her that her mother had been hurt and only discovered the new after she went to Jamaica Hospital in a frenzy when her mother never came home.

“The police never notified me. My mother went through brain surgery alone on Saturday morning. I would have liked to have been there.”

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